Profits: Renting home through Property Management Columbia SC

It is awesome chance to lease a home in Columbia SC on the grounds that it spares a loads of expense as contrast with purchasing a house with high cost and different costs lease a house is likewise an assessment deductible so it provides for you edge to spare your more cost for the future utilization. There are numerous great open doors accessible to get a delightful home for rent in Columbia SC .In 2011 Columbia occupants and nonnative are defying numerous lodging issues yet now there are numerous land organizations and even the central government are putting forth a mixture of home for rent postulations organizations typically maintain a strategic distance from to offer their homes however gives a decent extravagance homes to lease in shabby expense. Such open doors are constantly accessible with Columbia property sc website.


There are incomprehensible open doors for leasing homes in Columbia sc numerous charitable associations and national government supports the low pay lodging projects. Property Management Columbia SC presents distinctive sorts of projects. Every projects which offered by land organizations and other charitable association obliges an occupant to meet as far as possible and the accessibility of homes for rent. It is fascinating to realize that numerous neighborhood open lodging offices are giving lodging units all through the South Carolina.


Incomprehensible open doors for rental homes in Columbia sc are given to the Columbia’s inhabitants on the grounds that land organizations have countless homes and plots in their grasp they don’t want to offer. There are numerous open lodging plans and these plans get financing through HUB.


To help the inhabitants in Columbia SC numerous activities have been taken  to aid the incapacitated and elderly inhabitant to get their homes for rent in Columbia SC effectively and in ease . Columbia property administration incorporates diverse kind of profits. The HUD gives financing to numerous lodging project to help the Columbia’s occupants like lodging decision voucher system. This project requires the member to pay the little divide of the lodging rent and the rest of is specifically paid to the property holder by HUD. This is just conceivable through Property Management Columbia SC.


This is extremely intriguing to realize that low wage occupants and crippled persons can likewise change over their system of lodging decision voucher(started by HUD) into HAP funding(housing  help installment) for up to 15 years and the individuals who are handicapped and senior subject they can benefit this opportunity up to 50 years.


Today’s ways of life are quick put and the calendar appears to control the lives of individuals. Through Property Management Columbia SC  you can have all the gigantic open doors like conventional way of life, ,finest enhancements in resort style and characteristic perspective with the pathways exterior your homes.


Did you realize that homes for rent in south Carolina has great rental assentions and the south Carolina’s state saying is “arranged as a top priority and assets” So south Carolina has a solid laws and assention in regards to the property and leasing your homes in Columbia sc.

Capitanich highlighted the evolution of the software industry

During the meeting, the coordinating minister stressed that “the sector has worked very well during the year” and congratulated everyone for the significant progress made ​​since the first meeting with the chain. Notably, during 2014, the level of overall turnover in the sector was equivalent to 4,380 million, showing an increase of 27.2 percent. Moreover, the expansion of software service exports reached 12.2% year, managing to export by 1,117 million dollars. While in the case of employment, about 100,000 people currently work in the industry, including employees and small entrepreneurs, which means an increase approximately 10.6%. From the Law 25.922 of 2004, relating to the Promotion Software Industry as amended laws, this value chain has achieved an expansion of employment of 418%, an increase of 557% in the volume of exports and an expansion of 378% in total turnover if data are compared from 2003-2014. Finally, different topics related to the sector ranged from funding programs through the Trust Fund for the Promotion of the Software Industry (Fonsoft), which has invested 95 million pesos in 2014 were developed and Technology Fund Argentino (Fontar) to the challenges in the training of human resources, the importance of technological poles and decentralization of universities and exports to Latin American markets. were present along the Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, Secretary of Employment, Matías Barroetaveña; chief of staff of the Department of Economic Coordination and Improvement of Competitiveness, Laura Fernández; Under Secretary for Industry, Stella Maris Ayala Escobar. For the private sector the president of the Chamber of Software and Computer Services of Argentina (CESSI), José María Louzao Andrade participated, among other officials, consultants and representatives of the Chamber.


Address for Mails: Address for Administration: Commands should be placed in the body of the mail message: Subscribe to mailing list: JOIN Unsubscribe from mailing list: LEAVE Stop processing commands (eg to avoid processing your signature): STOP


DNS forwarding Native FTP proxy FTP caching HTTP proxy supporting the following protocols FTP with your preffered browser HTTP SSL tunneling HTTP Caching (Reduces Internet Bandwith, up to 60 %) HTTP Browser dependent caching HTTP Cascading


Everybody can retrieve and test our demoversion. The demoversion has the same features as the full product, but it times out after 30 days. If you want to download a demoversion please click the following link:

Our products: Five accounting applications for small businesses

As you know there are dozens of excellent options open source software for bookkeeping codefrom complex and completísimos programs to simple and basic billing accounting, inventory tracking, retail, payroll, taxes, reporting and forecasting. Now will feature five of them.

Accounting software, will help you understand the entire flow of your business : what works and what needs to be repaired or improved. It helps you find out who your most valuable customers are and gives you an idea to retain existing customers and attract new customers. A lot of small businesses have a very good idea in your head, but that is not scalable and replicable, and when you view the actual data often reveals surprises.

Some of these accounting software programs make use of the options in the cloud . Although there are still companies that are still a bit “paranoid” and do not trust store your confidential data based on these systems that store the data of the company and customers outside his premises.

Especially considering the sad story of the long interruptions with large providers such as Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Intuit and Google. The cloud-based technologies are supposed to be proof of service interruptions, but apparently this is still theoretical. Without further ado, here are five selections accounting software for small / medium businesses open source.



MYOB is a financial application that uses small double-entry bookkeeping and personal business, and this is doubly important because it guarantees that can detect errors and trace its origin.

MYOB is extremely flexible , the more you learn about it more can adapt it to suit your own needs.It supports accounts receivable and payable, billing, investment accounts, bank accounts, credit and lending, tax returns, reports, graphs, multiple currencies, depreciation, tax tables and more. No point of sale or payroll module , although you can use to manage the payroll of a small number of employees manually entering variables taxes and other payroll.

More Information | GnuCash

SQL Ledger


SQL Ledgeres one web-based system for shops that need work and purchase orders, packing lists, point of sale, inventory control, check printing, multi-user, multi-location, vouchers or time cards, in addition to usual accounting functions. A web server and a server requires SQL , and is multiplatform.I have to emphasize that works best on Linux, and really your confidential financial details were in a safer system.

There are two versions: free and company . A subscription to the enterprise version adds additional features like barcode and label printing, consolidating bills, good payroll module, an integrated help system editable and premium email and phone support.

Support starts at 130 euros for a reference manual. The support incident is 140 euros, 600 euros if you buy a year of priority support and other extra options, there are several other support options.Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

More Information | SQL Ledger

XTuple PostBooks

XTuple postbooks

XTuple PostBooks is the core of the excellent suite xTuple ERP . It includes seven modules: Accounting, Sales, CRM ., manufacturing, purchasing, inventory and products There are five editions: PostBooks, Standard, design, manufacturing, and Enterprise . PostBooks is free, and includes high-end features like multi-user and multi-location, tickets, a task manager, quotes, shipping / receiving, BOM and assembly ordering configurator.

The annual licenses for the other editions ranging from 400 euros to 1,500 euros per year per year. There are also lifetime license and a license for the options in the cloud. Obviously the more money you invest more extra features available such as capacity planning, asset management and depreciation, multi-warehouse inventory management etc.

xTuple is good for growing small business , because you can start with Standard functionality and adding what you need. It also supports and works with Linux, Mac, Windows systems.

More Information | xTuple ERP



Compiere offers an open / free, plus commercial editions with additional features version. Compiere includes full accounting , plus enterprise resource planning and customer-based administration.The free version is replete with high functionality and may be all you need: project accounting, electronic commerce, material accounting, order management, sales and service, and much more.

The Enterprise Edition adds support for multiple servers, scorecards excellent management, reporting in PDF , smart business and a visual dictionary editor. This is a unique feature for customization of Compiere without programming skills using a GUI editor modules simply dragging and dropping. Compiere is among the best in international media: multi-currency, tax laws, accounting standards and languages.

Compiere Professional Edition will cost 750 euros per user per year , there are subscriptions to the cloud and other support options. It works and is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows.

More Information | Compiere

Turbo Cash

Turbo Cash 2

Turbo Cash is a competitor to QuickBooks Pro and Sage . Supports multiple languages ​​and from many different countries. Includes point of sale and sale prices, billing, reporting and analysis, inventory and stock, barcodes, quotes, check balance, batch operations, IVA , multi-user and access controls. It is one of the free / Free programs fuller accounting.

Turbo Cash also noted for its ease of use , and has a clean, attractive interface. It is free with commercial support options. Printed manuals, CDs, and a version USB laptop that is available at a reasonable price. Only works with Windows.



REF: 0053AMS


Management software spas. Software that facilitates the management and control of the spa. It can be integrated into the hotel program.


5% DISCOUNT € 1,686.25




This software, specially designed for managing spas, the computer takes control of the different processes that occur in the business of health treatments (control treatments, planning, customer input IMSERSO, services, medical procedures, etc. ). Treasury functions (receipts and bank documents) are also covered by the application.


It is a software that integrates with the Program Hotel , so also allows access to the rooms, loading these bills relating to employees, customers movements, etc.



The main features of the software are:

  • Simplicity of operation, intuitive operation.
  • Integration Software for Hotels . You can pass charges to rooms and access to different parts of the business: stays, employees, customers, services, etc.
  • Multigestión. You can divide the activity for years and spas.
  • Management employees, active and non-active.
  • Management clients, companies and agencies. All actions contemplated private clients, companies or agencies.
  • Aim charges automatically.
  • We can check all charges with their varieties (total charge, an outstanding part, eliminating any, etc.) We can also change data in any concept and consult previous bills.
  • Take control of payment in all its forms (cards, bonds, etc.).
  • Setup programs and circuits. You can group several treatments in a program or circuit to keep better control of management treatments.
  • Planning treatments. Through planning spa, a grid is accessed planned treatments, with the possibility to make changes or delete any of them, adding, removing, moving, etc. You can set the schedule at our convenience, for example by changing the increase from 1 minute to 1 hour, see treatments every day, a month, etc. using for this agenda offered by new York city day spa.
  • Report of times per customer. It is listed at the time of treatment you will receive each client.
  • Medical Management. The program allows you to record medical visits and includes a control medical history of each patient.
  • Report of work. Useful for employees to identify treatments that are outstanding for a period of time.
  • Medical Report post thermal cure. Emission reports for customers IMSERSO.
  • Generation and restoring backups. Checking, repair and compacting state databases.
  • Management and control of users or user groups using profiles.

SketchChair: an open-source program to design and manufacture your chair

The processes of digital manufacturing open a range of opportunities for the production of custom objects, but today lack the tools that allow any use these processes to design and manufacture their own products. SketchChair created in response to this shortcoming: it is an open software Free -source that enable anyone to easily design and build their own furniture to digitally manufacture.
Moreover, from the program, users can go to the net chairs that have been created, adding them to a library of designs here: hire chairs London. Also, any of these chairs is available to be downloaded and edited by others, which allows the design of a product evolve and improve.

SketchChair is a project developed by Greg Saul and Tiago Rorke ofDiatom Studio and has seen the light thanks to Kickstarter .

Below you can see a summary of the process of making furniture and some examples. Do not miss the end the video that explains the phases of design and production of a piece!

New software: Create your own photo booth with dslrBooth

A photo booth for all those who are less than 25 years and have not seen the movie Amélie , is (or was) a photo booth that takes snapshots , usually in sequences of four. Each frame is separated by a few seconds, but first let you know it is about to take a picture with a beep or an indicator light.

Today’s photo booths are deprecated , probably by the arrival of cameras with SMS capabilities we carry in our pockets, but his fanbase is still present, creating databases on their locations . Taking photographs inside there is a whole, banal, but fun at last experience, we can now emulate thanks to digital technology.

dslrBooth is the intended application , as with most Canon and Nikon models can create a similar interface to which you expect from a photo booth, combined with a laptop or a desktop. dslrBooth allowed to take pictures in any format, apply any funds until even personalized water marks, besides that once the “session” prints the results to any printer that is connected.

dslrBooth  created by photo booth hire Melbourne is offered as proof version for a week ; after this you have to pay $ 40 dollars for the full version. The list of supported cameras with the program here .

New product: Dentist Management Software

As a company specialized in the development of software for the management and the use of information technologies in the healthcare environment, from Infomed we offer the best solutions in programs for dentists and dental professionals.

Infomed develop tools powerful, intuitive and easy to use to facilitate the day-to-day management of any dental clinic or medical center. Therefore, if you are looking for professionals in the development and implementation of programs for dentists we guarantee a personalized service and a solution tailored to your needs. We have tested the programs for dentists in Dentist in Albuquerque, NM.

Infomed we facilitate the daily work with our dental management software , putting the latest technology at the service of dentistry.

In addition to programs for dentists, we develop medical management software and custom applications. Our software is already implanted in over 8,000 health centers across the country, and at the institutional level, we collaborate with more than 60 professional associations and scientific societies of physicians and dentists. Do not hesitate and ask for information without compromise calling telephone number 902 10 44 22 or by filling the contact form that we make available on our website.

Please watch our introduction of the software:

Best marketing softwares to boost your business

Companies aspiring to effectively spread the word about their offerings, attract customers, participate with them and, finally, to retain them, have to adapt to the drastic changes so that prevail at present; those who do not will be back. According to the, these are 5 programs marketing that will help companies that appeal to a change in this was digital.

1-Marketo: It is one of the largest enterprises of marketing automation and greater prestige. It facilitates the growth of marketingcampaigns. Marketo provides everything that retailers need, including tools for automation of internal marketing ; management leadership, social media, sales and analysis management dashboards marketing.

2-Vocus: The marketing cloud -based software and that help to get and retain customers. Promotes ease for sellers and that they can move through social networks and other means of online communication. Vocus offers a comprehensive set of tools that integrate social media marketing, search engine, e-mail marketing marketing, as well as effective PR.

3-Hubspot: offers a wonderful solution of internal marketing as personalized and effective alternative to traditional marketing strategies that tends to “annoy” to consumers. He has developed a number of marketing applications including blogs, social networks, potential customer management tools and even analysis of marketing that people need.

4-Sailthru: It aims to increase the participation of the user and the data conversion through intelligent programs that enable marketers to use and thus understand and respond best to users in real time. This translates into a personalized experience for the user in the form of e-mail mnarketing.

5-LocalVox: It is a platform for local, social and mobile marketing for businesses, it helps to generate news and attract customers local via the web, mobile, social networking, newsletters by email and search.

How it works – steps to create a survey online

Creación de encuestas

Creation of survey online

Create surveys and votes online quickly with our survey software. You can create online surveys, using a survey drafted by professional model or upload your survey directly from an archive Word. With more than 30 types of questions and dozens of colors of themes, QuestionPro simplifies creating surveys online.

Reúna respuestas


Communicate with your customers wherever that use our email system, our functions for inclusion in your web site, believe emerging and exit surveys, or make publications on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google +. QuestionPro Surveys look great on mobile devices or tablets, and even you can collect responses offline using our app for iPad, iPhone and Android tablet.

Análisis de resultados


We simplify the analysis with a full set of functions to generate reports, as a summary in real time, dynamic tables, segmentation tools, trend analysis and text analysis. You can also export your survey data directly to Excel, SPSS, or CSV. We make it simple to share results with reports in Word and PowerPoint format or creating great-looking graphics.

Your complete software platform for Best Survey Sites

Ícono de muestra
Beautiful simple surveys

Create professional surveys has never been so easy, either to start from zero, or that use a model survey.

  • Add your logo and brand
  • Total control over custom format
  • Full multilingual support (more than 75 languages)
Services Icon
Communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere

No matter where your customers are online or offline: we provide you the tools so that you can contact them.

  • Email
  • Mobile device
  • Social networks
  • Insertion functions and pop-up messages on the web site
  • Exit polls and more…
Ícono de integración
Global 24 support

Service customer live 24 hours a day, we are always here to simplify your life

  • Chat, phone or email
  • Extensive help and training in video files
  • Weekly live training webinars
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Ask the right questions, get the right answers

From simple to advanced, we have all the types of questions you need to generate a significant opinion.

  • More than 30 types of questions
  • Support for images and video
  • Prepared questions Library
  • Full multilingual support
Sample Icon
Easy to use sophisticated logic

Take advantage of our wide range of logics for surveys without having to waste time learning how to use them

  • Logical branching and exclusion
  • Randomization and cycling text direction
  • Show / hide logic
Ícono de servicios
Robust reporting and analysis capabilities

We offer a complete set of tools for reporting and analysis that quickly converts the data into knowledge

  • Segmentation, cross tabs, text analysis, and much more
  • Export to Excel, SPSS, txt, Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Summary report in real time
  • Infographic
Integration Icon
Research through mobile devices while you are travelling

Our iPad and tablet applications are specifically designed to be able to collect and analyse data anywhere that go.

In addition, all surveys from QuestionPro are optimized automatically for display on phones and tablets!

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Integrated research platform

From art to our easy API applications to use our integrated platform is the focus of the opinion of its customers

Information technology: an industry with hard work and great pay

Young people who specialize in information technology, will have access to best put of work and wages, thus a recent report of the GeneXus firm revealed it. Along with this,we tell you what other industries are postulated as the most promising for the next fiveyears and how to find teen jobs near me

What to study? Undoubtedly one of the most difficult answer for thousands of student’s questions. Factors affecting to make this choice are infinite: preferences, desires, costs,possibilities and opportunities, among many others. Another edge that is interesting to keep in mind when making this decision are races that are to receive better wage since 2020.
On this last point, a study of the GeneXus software development firm, found that within five years the best professions you pay will be those associated with the industry of the technology information (TI), integrated planning (S & OP), robotics,sales banking and renewable energies.
In this regard, Aníbal Gonda, technology specialists, said that studying TI racing is anexcellent decision, given that it‘s an industry that has a broad labour market.Increasingly companies that demand more experts who become responsible for themanagement and development of processes, he added.
Reflection of this new need is that only in Mexico the industry of software, servicesand TI, together, recorded an annual growth rate of a 15.5% in the period 1994-2014.
However, this study again to bring to stage the great difficulty that crosses theMexican market for some years: the graduates of these races do not have theknowledge that the companies claim. Break-through that deepens has caused salariesfor professionals that do meet the requirements from rising significantly.
Despite this gap, are increasingly more young people who are interested in joining thescope of the TI-related careers. However, considering that you it‘s relatively newracing, the institution where study is still subject of doubt for hundreds of students.
In this line, the company QS Quacquarelli Symonds, in one of its annual rankings,revealed that the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is the bestHouse of higher studies of the country to study the information technology-relatedcareers. This is followed by the National Polytechnic Institute and Eltecnologico ofMonterrey.
At the international level the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT) is the best University to study information technology
The supremacy of the UNAM is the result of complying with four key aspects:academic prestige, quality of teachers, number of cited articles and H-index of theformula for Hirsch, who evaluates the professional quality of the scientists on the basisof their published articles.


Web site against trafficking in persons

The hook***.*** website, where clients of hookers montreal exchanged their experiences and opinions, proposes a co-operation with the police to combat trafficking in theNetherlands.


This week, police had a new success in the fight against trafficking and in one of itsoperations, dismantled four illegal brothels in the city of Almelo, in the eastern part ofHolland. Agents found a girl from Brazil, victim of trafficking in persons in one of thebrothels. In another lupanar, he found a young man from Venezuela. It currentlyinvestigating if it was there against their will.


One of the methods used by the police in the Hague to fight trafficking in persons isthe introduction of a system of passes, subject on which Parliament must withinshortly to take a decision on the project, under which all of the approximately 40,000prostitutes in the Netherlands must register. Thereafter, customers can only requestthe services of prostitutes to be accredited with corresponding documentation.


Much criticism
The idea of imposing identification card has led to harsh reactions from prostitutesand clients. As an alternative, website offers a closer cooperation with thepolice. On the page, which has been around for years, tens of thousands of customersexchanged their experiences and write reviews about the ladies who have visited. Andnot everything that recount is rosy, according to Tom Kroon, the moderator


“From time to time, reads the opinion of any man who says ‘I went and everythinglooked dirty,’ ‘the girl didn’t want to work’ or ‘I am afraid that it was not a goodexperience.’ In such cases, one can wonder if the ladies work voluntarily.”


The web site invites visitors to, if in doubt, submit complaints to the police, forexample through internet pages to report crimes anonymously. Kroon knows that, toform an idea of at least Amsterdam and the Hague, the police also visit Hookers.Sometimes the information leads to break-ins in brothels or other businesses in thesector, which does not work in accordance with standards.


On the other hand, Kroon hurries to qualify the image of prostitution in theNetherlands, because it considers that crimes are often exaggerated. In addition notall are in business required, much less. Kroon qualifies error to believe that the identitycard system would improve things, and assures know several ladies who work legallyand who do not accept that option and that will continue to work privately.


“If it meets the woman, know which acts freely, and uses its services even if she has nocard, customer could be committing a crime, which can lead to a fine of 7000 euros.On the other hand, nothing happens if someone shows you a card, even if it is very clear that they are forcing her into prostitution. It is really very absurd.”


Encouragement to prostitution
Metje Blaak, ‘De Rode Draad’ (the red thread), an organization for the defence of therights of sex workers, also opposes the establishment of the identity card. Blaak, whoalso practiced prostitution for years, qualifies the card an example of how the Dutchauthorities not to hinder illegal prostitution but that stimulate it.


“All the women forced into prostitution will have one of those cards,” said Blaak. “They must do so, otherwise, are illegally in the country.And women living in theNetherlands and working in the sector do not have much interest in having the cardbecause they fear that their names are recorded in a database. If later you want toabandon this work, one can wonder if they will continue to fichadas as formerprostitutes, something roundly reject.”


Murky world
Blaak considered more convenient use of the information for The world ofprostitution is murky and, for this reason, the police is very satisfied with theinformation that gets on the page, writes. Also Rode Draad makes use regularly fromthe comments that happen on the page.


“We always consult to see if somewhere there is a club about which wehave doubts about its legality or the conditions in which women find themselves” saidBlaak. “Customers also exchanged information on women who are not verycooperative, and all that allows to draw conclusions that lead you to think: here‘ssomething rare“.


On the other hand, Blaak fears that the users of the website can leave personal signsof themselves, information that could also be used by the police. Not in vain evenvisiting a brothel is a social taboo.

Bankruptcy of Apple in the manufacture of screen of Sapphire

Signature GT Advanced Technologies made the bankruptcy order after recording a 90% decline in the value of their shares. It was rumored that the firm was going to produce crystals of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, something that finally happened.
GT Advanced Technologies Inc, partner of Apple in the manufacture of screens of Sapphire Crystal, presented Monday a bankruptcy order. The company’s shares had fallen by 90% in recent times, in the 75 cents.

Months ago, GT was one of the companies most projection in the glass industry, to obtain a rating of 2.8 billion dollars last July. At that time, all speculated that the signing of Bankruptcy in Arizona, AZ will be responsible for covering the new iPhone screens 6 and 6 Plus.

The actions of the manufacturer had doubled in November 2013 and on 9 September 2014, when new Apple smartphones were announced. Investors hoped that GT replicated the success gained Corning in its crystals Gorilla Glass.

Once submitted the telephones, which did not include displays of Sapphire between its components, papers of the company crumbled to 36%. A month ago, GT had indicated that its plant in Arizona would enter into operation recently at the beginning of 2015.

Specifically, the company had asked Apple 139 million dollars extra to complete production line. To date, of Cupertino had already disbursed $ 439 million. “Apparently, something broke in the relationship between Apple and Advanced GT”, said Pavel Molchanov, analyst firm Raymond James in statements made to the Reuters Agency.

Apple, which still plans to use sapphire crystals in their smart watches Apple Watch, has an agreement with GT which allows you to have an exclusive license on certain applications of its technology of Sapphire Crystal, but has no obligation to be sure that to buy their products.

According to data from Markit market analysis firm, 43 per cent of the shares of GT Advanced were purchased for “short bets”, which indicates that there were a large number of investors who thought that a drastic fall in the price of the papers was possible in the short term.


Learn about five applications for the market real estate

Take a weekend to go through all the streets of the city looking for signs in the windows of houses or apartments that are for lease or purchase is a thing of the past. Technology once again saves the consumer time and through application development you can find to click all properties offer according to your needs (click makelaardij to get more detail)

In Colombia the development of applications is growing, currently with multiple applications of property root, which have been spurred by the Ministry of information technologies and communications under the plan lives Digital. This is how last year exported more than $37 million in digital content.

Likewise, the private initiatives did not wait and Camilo Gómez, Manager of income well, an important group of real estate, is developing software that allows them to be homogeneous and information accurately on the demand and offer of real estates in the country.

Gomez said that “application development has benefited the industry in general. As both web pages and apps are the communication channel for products with customers. Now you can see the interior of the houses with a single click, people make searches more successful, efficient and specific, finding more appropriate places in the budget that seeks”.

Five applications are currently set the standard in this Field. Lamundi, Housing, Tubogota, App-square meter and Biinmo. In less than four months got 50,000 users throughout the country, allowing real estate entrepreneurs to publish information in real time from their properties with details such as images, geo-location, and even your contact details for talks by Whatsapp.

Erick Rincon Cardenas, general manager of Certicamara, this tool creator Agency, explained that “Biinmo is the tool that will revolutionize the real estate sector in the country in the coming year, because on the one hand it makes more efficient and prosperous business of agencies as easier access to the goods consumers”.

Another mobile application connecting supply and demand in the real estate sector is Lamudi, in which users can for free through mobile devices make customized searches of filter by area, property type, price, search by words and the number of rooms. The client can receive notifications when there are new properties for sale or rent and also have at your disposal records according to the criteria of search that has previously done.Similarly, the app has Gallery of images and detailed information on all the properties.

Your Bogotá is a digital solution, not only for those looking to rent or sell real estate, is also a useful tool for the construction industry, as it allows the user through an interactive map to identify variables for housing and investment decisions.

Tubogota has detailed information about the value of square meter of an area or sector-specific, also shows the proximity of the work with health centers, educational institutions, centres of culture, trade and tourism.Also, determine the risk and the security sector, as well as access and mobility, the environment and public space. All this is key as it will determine, according to the experts, the price of real estate built once and the rate of profit and return at the end of the work for the Builder.

Square meter, one of the webpages more consulted by the Colombian people when looking for houses, apartments and other real estate for sale or lease, now also has its own application. This platform exposes more than 100,000 offerings, also facilitates all regulation concerning the property root, from guides of horizontal property, buying and selling, to calculators, insurance, credit, valuation, leasing and prices per square meter in specific sectors of a large number of cities around the country.

Being one of the first applications in Colombia specializing in farm root, is housing. It was created in 2012 by Andrés Torres and Juliana sailing, two Bogota publicists who through their app allow users to have information about the location of projects in construction and information on the status of the works in which the user is interested.

The search engine of the app can segment with filters area, property type, price of sale, area, city and stratum and supplementary information. All of this is available for both IOS and Android. If you want to buy or lease House take your cell phone.

Business with operators
Biinmo signed an alliance with the service consisting in the preinstallation since May of the application on all smartphones with Android operating system that the operator sells. Likewise, with clear implementation will be on container recommended the company in a space they occupy only tools like Shazam and Paypal.

The opinions

Camilo Gomez
Manager well rent Bogota

“The development of applications and web sites is giving good economic results in the business of real estate in the country”.

Erick Rincon Cardenas
General manager Certicámara

“Biinmo is the application that will revolutionize the real estate in Colombia, because it is an effective business tool.”

Excellence in cosmetic dentistry


The development of innovative dental products is always oriented to the creation of safe and efficient solutions for both dentists and patients. Today, advanced CAD/CAM technologies are used to develop and manufacture new procedures and solutions. Thus, Remedent products are recognized worldwide for its technological superiority and your solution unique on the market cosmetic dentistry. Visit Website to get more information about these products.
The challenge
GlamSmile, integrated system of improving leading Remedent smile, is a revolution with respect to the traditional method of application of porcelain dental veneers. GlamSmile brings a technique of exclusive manufacture of veneers with a patented tray positioning of veneers in a single movement, and both elements are guided by a unique system of image processing, design and preview digital computer. The unique system of administration with tray allows expert dentists place 10 ultrafine and custom veneers in less than an hour, at the same time preserving the tooth structure. The set of all the features of GlamSmile (CAD/CAM technology, the digital preview that allows dentists to evaluate the design and system tray full arch which is used together with ultra-thin veneers that require little or no preparation) has revolutionized the technique of coating and has already transformed many smiles around the world.
With a vast experience in the provision of services, Remedent was found in an optimal position to expand its growth. On the other hand, Remedent also needed to optimize their businesses while he was trying to highlight. I needed a set of 3D printing, enabling higher performance without compromising the high level of their services and without an expensive expansion in staff and facilities.
The solution
Eden500V ™ by Stratasys 3D printing system was the perfect solution for Remedent, since it allowed him to improve the quality of the manufacture and placement of dental veneers. Stratasys systems provided Remedent ability to quickly make custom veneers test models generated by its exclusive software with Eden ™ 3D printing systems. 3D printed test veneers and management trays guarantee a high level of precision in the placement of dental veneers difficult to achieve with traditional techniques to pulse dentists. The printed models produced with this printer are biocompatible and can be cold, with a few minute details and a magnificent finish: everything you need to ensure maximum precision required by the high standards of the team Remedent and dentists.
For Remedent, this represents a new leap into the era of fully digitalized dental solutions, where Eden 3D printing systems can be used together with veneers digitally designed. The unique versatility of Remedent allows you to seamlessly integrate with solutions manufacture of veneers leading on the market.Meticulous detail printing, appropriate ultra-thin layers and soft surfaces resulting made Stratasys 3D printing systems are very suitable for the manufacture of veneers.
Technology has opened the doors to an international market growing that moves billions of euros, since dental veneers with digital design solution is less traumatic, expensive and slow for patients, as well as considerably easier and more cost-effective for dentists. With Eden 500V ™ by Stratasys 3D printing system, Remedent was able to make a fully digitalized workflow for manufacturing its own veneers digitally designed. Thanks to the efficiency of its own manufacture and to the many new possible indications, Remedent was able to present a wide variety of cosmetic dental solutions for its clients dentists.Today, the use of 3D solutions allows to make the veneers Remedent in just an hour.
Use the Eden 500V ™ 3D printing system allowed Remedent become completely modern dental solutions provider. Remedent has quickly recovered their investment due to the increase of turnover, the rationalization of the production and the reduction of operating costs. The possibilities of the system are still creating new business opportunities and increasing the power of the company.


How to keep your computer room silence

Computer Room Design : Spectacular Modern Computer Room Design Ideas Images With Orange And Grey Decor Themes With Stylish Desk And Iron Chairs And Large Windows And Plants On Table

If refers to the comfort of working environment, it is also relevant to consider the same soundproofing. Working at a computer software manufacturing company in London, involves being aware of this detail when attempting to a particularly comfortable and pleasant computer room.

A good acoustic insulation of working room will provide higher levels of health and prevent suffering the inconvenience caused by the relentless city traffic, activities of the street, trains circulating close to home, or simply the that cause the people of adjoining houses.

Therefore, before soundproof a home or a stay, you have to know where the noise comes from. To do this, it is necessary to note that the noise cannot be eliminated completely, but yes the vibrations it produces can cushion. Also affected by factors such as the budget, the time available, the possibility of doing a complete overhaul or, conversely, finding a temporary solution. Every situation is different, and as such there are several solutions.

Factors causing it

The first thing to consider is where come from acoustic discomfort. There are various factors that generate them and that transcend the interior space. Identifying them is the priority.

• The location of the building says a lot about the incidence of noise. It is not the same internal housing than other street-oriented.

• The walls are also a determining factor. Apart from the structure, there are walls (mostly internal) who often do not have the appropriate treatments. The thickness of them is another detail that affects considerably.

• Floor and the subfloor. The materials used and the characteristics of its construction are key aspects.

• The ceiling is another element that usually affects the transmission of noise.


The solution most practical and successful combating of outside noise is the placement of anti noise or acoustic windows. Double glazing windows or double glazing can be a good remedy to this problem. Contact with some companies that provide glazing acoustic glass windows in London for features and price.

In wooden windows gaskets from rubber or polyethylene foam, can have that window and frame are closer together and prevent the passage of air, which is the vehicle of the noise. The use of blinds and curtains thick heavy fabrics can help deaden sounds.

When they come from the interior of the building, the best solution can be found on the walls, floors and ceilings. When there is air in the wall base, this can be filled with an insulating material that is appropriate, as the fiberglass. You can also create a double wall, installing plasterboard. These are also applicable to the ceilings.

The procedure with soils is similar. Floating floors are positioned for acoustic polyethylene thermal blanket that helps reduce the sounds. A quieter stay in the hands of the carpets, especially thick, that will reduce the vibrations, especially if you apply a layer of polyurethane foam can also be achieved.

In the local market

Different materials technically suitable to achieve a better soundproofing, among which are:

• The applicable to walls and ceilings of plaster plates.

• Fiberglass, walls, ceilings and linings.

• Acoustic Windows.

• Multipurpose insulation with high-density vinyl, suitable for walls and ceilings.

• The floating floor.

• Polyurethane foam or polystyrene: attenuated, but not isolated.


A good acoustic insulation of the home will provide higher levels of health and prevent the hassle of typical of street noises.

It is essential to know where the noise comes from.

Opinions of specialists

To Alfredo Lugrin, technical manager of Knauf Argentina, “if what is claimed is superior insulation, Knauf has developed Cleaneo Akustik, the first acoustic plate that purifies indoor air. They are perforated, sound plaster plates containing zeolite, a micro-porous mineral of volcanic origin, which acts as a natural catalyst and eliminates odors and toxic substances from the air in a sustainable manner”.

For Gustavo Colazo, dry point, the insulating multipurpose is an optimum for any type of room choice. It is easy to use and lightweight. “Our company commercializes Barrier Fonac isolates. They are used to strengthen the insulation in acoustically weak partitions. Placed in the interior of partitions of plaster, wood or metal plates; on top of ceiling light, to clad pipes where noises are transmitted by vibrations”.


$320. Insulating Barrier Fonac, 2,500 mm long x 1,220 mm wide x 3 mm thick.

$360. Plate Cleaneo Akustik Knauf perforated 8/18 R.

$520. Fiberglass Maxhaus R 70 mm. Measures 0.40 X 13.00 m x 3 rolls.

$470. ISOVER Acustiver R 70 mm 0.40 x 13 m. roll 15.60 m2

Become your favorite singer with karaoke applications for your iPhone

Captura de Red Karaoke en iPhone 5s

Karaoke is a pretty fun way to sing, especially if we do it in group, and approach as much as possible to even put us in the skin of what make our favorite singers, some of whom, surely are at the top of the people most followed on Twitter. Karaoke is basically on a screen in which go by the lyrics of a song and must go singing that same song in the background music.

As it could not be otherwise, today we already have on our iPhone and iPad applications of karaoke, with which we can enjoy music, singing almost without anything other than our phone and any of these applications. However, how to improve singing voice to sing like your idol, today we present a compilation of the best karaoke applications, so the time of singing, laughter and fun is guaranteed with your iPhone.

Red Karaoke

Red karaoke, tu aplicación de karaoke para iPhone

Karaoke network puts us in the shoes of our singers or favorite musical groups. Allows you to record audio or video, add extra voices to your recordings, do duets with other singers, and even improve our voice by applying sound effects in real time on the same while we sing in addition to then upload our recordings to the network, and who knows, if becoming a star of the song.

It has thousands of songs and hundreds of artists, and highlights its search system, in which we can search by song, artist, genre, or simply let the automatic route planner to propose some musical success.

App Store | Net Karaoke (Free)

Sing Me Something

Aplicación de karaoke Sing Me Something

Sing Me Something is an application of karaoke and entertainment that allows us to enjoy the music and at the same time be able to challenge our friends. We can choose a song, sing it, send it to our friends, and then challenge them to you to guess which it is. At any time we can consult our statistics to see if we are the ones who sing better and know more about music and even receive notifications to have knowledge when it is our turn.

Ultimately, in addition to a karaoke app to use, Sing Me Something becomes a fun game in which we will put to the test and we will put ourselves.

App Store | Sing Me Something (Free)

Free karaoke!

Canta con ¡Karaoke Gratis! para tu iPhone

Free Karaoke! We can sing individually or with friends for free through and with the use of YouTube. The song catalog that offers us has the breadth of content on YouTube, so it is almost unlimited. We can record our songs to then share them on Facebook and everyone watch our talent for music. Highlights YouTube channel that the application offers us to follow all the news regarding songs:

App Store | Free karaoke! (Free)


Sing!, aplicación de karaoke para iPhone

Sing! It is a karaoke app which allows us to share our voice with people from all over the world, join groups of songs, or perfecting a song and share it with everyone. We can choose between a huge repertoire of singers with the latest hits and tracks of great artists included. Include your special filters, to convert your voice and your performance into one with more sparkle even if it should be.

App Store | Sing! (Free)

Karaoke Stars

Karaoke Stars para iPhone

Karaoke Stars will allow us to feel how genuine professional singers. You only have to choose a song and we can perform all kinds of actions on it from our recording, as add effects, tone and speed, adjust the equaliser, etc. song is mixed with the original as if we were in a professional recording studio and once have list, may share it with our friends.

App Store | Karaoke Stars (Free)


There are a lot of applications related to music and also many of them focusing on karaoke. If we have to choose one of which they have looked for this compilation, would no doubt choose Red Karaoke, since we believe it is the most complete and no doubt that more and better focuses on what the traditional karaoke, without further additives.

It is also necessary to mention Sing Me Something, because that view karaoke from the perspective of the challenge to our friends, making it more fun and entertaining even if possible the fact of singing.

Open Villa Rent rental management program

alquiler turisticos

Our rental management program was born in the heart of the Mauritius villa rental agency. Designed from the outset to facilitate day to day and expedite negotiations requiring this business, responding to the needs of rental agencies.

Open Villa Rent system saves time, money, increase bookings and revenue and show an excellent image. Also allows the possibility of extending the catalogue of products and destinations. All in one.

In constant evolution, Open Villa Rent rental management system evolves, innovates and adapts to the needs of the market. It is an affordable, easy to use program, which will enable them to give to your demanding customers, owners and tour operators, fast and adapted to new technologies, responses giving an image of quality, service and reliability to your company.

The best applications for baby care

Have you ever forgotten to change your baby’s diaper or bottle feeding? Are no longer! They have created some applications that will help the baby care . These are the best

The best applications for baby care

Baby connected: Allows you to keep abreast of new tricks to baby care and some tips . The advantage is that you can send the information to emails.

Baby Control: Through graphic will be prompted to hours are indicated to change the baby’s diaper. It also indicates the breast or bottle jacks with prepared quantities, in order to keep track of BMI approved by the World Health Organization.

Baby ESP Developed by monitors the diaper changing, feedings, making bottles, naps and nighttime sleep extractions of milk.

My baby : This app finds the best baby carrier for nursing, Displays the time at which to check the diaper, and statistics reflecting the digestive system of the baby. It also indicates the timing and amount of milk should consume, it also suggests how to start complementary feeding.

Baby care: Their role is to remind parents basic care that requires the least. The most important thing is that you can control the mood, vaccines, medicines, bath time and bedtime, among others. You can add pictures of the baby.

Now you can maintain control and better care for your baby. What do you expect? Download and theseapplications .

Band saw machine controlled by computer

máquina controlada por ordenador de la serrería del carro de 60 pulgadas

Minimum order:1SET/SETS
Brief description:band 60 inch truck Sawmill machine computer-controlled saw machine cutting of the combination of carriage wood
Buy online at

Basic Specification

Use Shanghai China (Mainland)
Type Shanghai Fuma
Use 25 m/s
Place of origin Carpentry
Minimum working length carpentry

Detail description


This is a modern portable table saw controlled by computer for 60 inch truck sawmill
combination of the band saw truck

Ban saw machine controlled by computer for 60 inch truck sawmill

Technical parameters of the band saw machine

F1 diameter 500 mm from the saw wheel

Width 180 mm from the saw wheel,

Maximum saw blade size 10550´150´1. 25 mm

Rotary speed of 530 r/min saw wheel,

F1, cutting 500mm maximum diameter,

75kw of engine power.

Technical parameters of truck

Maximum diameter 1,500 mm from the cut,

Total power 17.6kw.

Working speed 25 m/min maximum truck front,

Maximum truck upside down working speed 50 m/min,

Stake feed speed 17 mm/s of the plug,

21,000m m of track length,

External dimension 6, 000´3, 300´3, 000m m.


Payment terms T/t, L/C, Others
Minimum order 1SET/SETS
Delivery time / delivery time 25 day (s)
Sample available NOT
Delivery details Advanced payment of 30%, 70% balance forwarded before shipment
FOB port Shanghai
Loading Info By the sea, in truck
Packing information Stack usually disks per box of plywood or shrink film
Market objective (s) Africa (except Middle East), Eastern Europe, Hong Kong / Macao / Taiwan, Japan & Korea, Latin America, Mainland China, Middle East, North America, Northern Europe, North America, Central & Southern Asia, Southeast Asia, Western & Southern Europe

Your computer and your insurance

Tu computadora y su seguro
Photo: Reuters.

Can you imagine how much they would lose if suddenly we astray our computer, they steal it we or should suddenly fail? For these cases, there are several types of protection that help you when something happens to your computer.


A time here, computers have become an indispensable tool in our work and in our home. Just how much important information we stored on those computers? And not just for the office, when we are in our House, also use the computer, either to watch any movie, check our mail or our networks social, or just for pure entertainment. Can you imagine how much they would lose if suddenly we extraviáramos our computer, they steal it we or should suddenly fail? I do not mean only the value of information, but the economic value, computers are not anything cheap and we regularly have to make a large investment to acquire a.

For these cases, there are several types of protection that help you when something happens to your computer. For example, I guess that you may have noticed that when you buy any computer equipment, either laptop or desktop, it comes with a guarantee that regularly has a time that you use it between one year and two, this warranty covers almost any failure that may have the device. But due to the need of the people and to the easy mobility of computers such as laptops, there are insurance by Top life insurance Toronto that covering the equipment against theft or other damage that may occur.

By regular it, when we buy a computer provide us a type of insurance a quite low price compared with the price that it would cost a new team where we had to replace our previous equipment to any incident. But if at the time you buy the computer you decide to not buy insurance and then you realize that it is really something that can benefit you, don’t have to worry, as there are insurance specialized in electronics, which also include accessories such as scanners or printers.

Almost all insurances for personal computers cover the following risks:

  • Theft
  • Fire or explosion
  • Short circuits caused by rays
  • Acts of malicious third parties

You might wonder if the insurance covers any type of neglect yours such as throw some liquid on the computer by accident; There are some products that do, but the majority of insurance do not have this type of coverage, so I recommend the following so that you prevent in the event of any incident:

  • Enter password so that in the event that it is stolen, is not access to stored information.
  • Do a backup on another computer or on a hard disk so that the information is not lost.
  • Avoid transporting very often the computer that we use to work to minimize.

For above all things, must be careful and try to protect the information that you have on your computer, support information and care for your heritage with the acquisition of insurance.

Software for the wine industry

BY: Snoqualmie wine

In recent years, several computer companies turned to the development of specific programmes for the wine industry. It’s computing solutions covering farm and Winery processes alike.

Daniel Siconolfi, Executive of Ardison Software & Consulting, one of the most famous companies in this field, points out that modern developments for the wine industry are extensive. It admits, at this point, that the devaluation helped national software, against foreign developments offering.

Ardison Software & Consulting, which has the program Arballon wineries, contemplates the process of wine production, from the farm to the marketable product. Also, Arballon allows you to manage information related to submissions to the National Institute of viticulture. Do in this way, the wineries have software that allows them to integrate all of their business, providing high added value, such as traceability and cost online information?, specifies Siconolfi.

Do Carlos Figueroa, of systems Concos, explains that the software for the wine industry is a set of applications that accompanies the production stages,? agricultural, wine-growing, olive-growing, packaging of fruit and drying rooms, covering the needs from the implant to the exit of the product market, traceability and costing?.

This signature also developed a module for the administrative sector – accountant named figures, covering the areas of purchasing, sales, Treasury, banks and general ledger, connected with the production modules.

Furthermore, Enzo Puma, marketing manager of Sistemas Bejerman SA, another firm with extensive experience in the wine industry, confided that they have developed a software, the reflex wineries, covering agricultural management, harvest, storage and laboratory.

Do puma evaluated wine software? has specific features that we are comparable to any other activity. This horizontal ERP software products are not able to fully meet your requirements. The estate, the harvest and the winery are activities very specific, not asemejables to any other activity?

Do despite to the versatility of the products? software costs, production processes, fractionation,-for viticulture is generally works with standard products. ? Would the product is the same, but the configuration makes it unique in every company?, says Siconolfi, and explains that? configuration is the activity that takes place prior to the launch where the circuits of each organisation are flushed in the program?.

What is traceability

Term highly valued in the industry of wine, traceability has been one of the pillars of the software for wine companies. Siconolfi, of Ardison, defines it:? is the knowledge of the history of a product throughout its production chain (raw material used, required inputs, stages of the process of elaboration, etc).

Are noted in this respect that? Arballon Business Software is a system developed to obtain traceability, not only physical, that is, for example to identify all the grapes used in the production of each bottle; and all bottles containing grapes from each plot. With this system is the traceability of costs, both the total costs (fixed more variables), such as individualized for each batch, process, activity or task costs?.

Systems Concos, Figueroa, defines the traceability in terms of? reconstruct in details what happened during the production processes, and its links with inputs involved during these processes?. In other words, is to see back further as possible in order to distinguish track and play processes that improve the quality of products, and in the event of accidents detected lots with irrigation?.

The benefits of traceability are given by the possibility to demonstrate in the destination markets of developing quality standards. ? This is a competitive advantage versus those that do not have such certification?, underlines Siconolfi.

Puma highlights:? If the Argentine wine wants access to more demanding markets, their products must be auditable. It is said that the expert consumer can know accurately where originates this product?.
Figueroa added that? this confidence of the markets at the moment of buying our products brings about that companies pursue traceability as an end in itself same, being that this is a tool that helps us to achieve a certain quality, but does not guarantee it?.

Custom software

Wineries seeking to rely on a single system that can integrate the information that is generated in all areas of the Organization, from the production to marketing, finances, etc.This is the first necessity by which we call?, Daniel Siconolfi of Ardison to reply to the query of products requiring more wineries are.

Once this stage, demand is geared towards mobile technology. For example, in the sales force, where the seller has on your Blackberry with the stock of products, checking of your customers, allowing you to load the order online and reducing much the delivery times. Can another application give is on the farm, where it is possible to enter the parts of tasks from your Blackberry, for example?.

This question from systems Concos respond that, in general, the wine, like the rest of the industries in the field of software look first to solve administrative problems – accounting,? financial – and then go to the production level.

About the SAP, a software of German origin, many wineries are incorporating, respondents prefer to say little. From Ardison point having the same characteristics as its program, but without a timely development for the wine industry.

Figueroa believes that the SAP (systems, applications and products)? is not a software that can incorporate any company, because of its high cost and complexity. Is the sight of SAP addressed to corporations whose complexity requires solutions on a large scale and are willing to invest billions of euros in its implementation?

Anti-Porn v20.7.4.25 – A Net filter software to protect children against inappropriate web content

You can not let your kids read just anything. But, when surfing the Internet, where there are no filters, they can do anything if you’re not there to install Anti-Porn and filtering software.
Anti-Porn is a software filter full network to protect children against pornographic web content.Anti-Porn will filter out adult websites, which show that they are not suitable for children and Internet chats when offensive language is used images.
Anti-Porn can automatically filter out tens of thousands of pornographic websites and can also block any web site you want to ban.
In addition, Anti-Porn can filter out information from the Internet by blocking some offensive words. – may include special words and the children can not see any internet material that contains those words
Anti -Porn can supply standard time in the world and you can set the program to let your kids use the Internet at certain times of certain days. Anti-Porn keeps a complete record of all visited, filtered out or not web sites, and keeps track of all material emerged on computer, including files, images, music, etc.
You can have the inventory of your computer history son. Anti-Porn has been a net filter for your children.
In addition, adults who know the password can surf the Internet indefinitely. Filter websites with adult content. – Anti-Porn has blocked thousands of websites with pornographic content and predatory words, and you can also predefine things you do not want your children to see, for example, websites and offensive words
Limit Internet access by day and time – You can easily assign internet access time at certain hours, even on certain days.
Limit internet chat – Anti-Porn can limit the popular Internet chat software and chat pages web. It maintains a complete history log of the computer. Traffic data recorded for an overview of Internet use.


Blocks websites with pornographic content:
Anti-Porn blocking tens of thousands of websites with pornographic content. Also, you can choose the websites you want your children to be banned.

Limit internet chat:
Anti-Porn can limit the use of popular chat softwares and access to major websites talk.

Limit Internet access time and date:
You can easily assign internet access time at certain hours of certain days. A special feature of Anti-Porn is that the PC time will be calibrated as Greenwich Time.

Keep a complete history log of the computer:
Anti-porn keeps a detailed log of all visited, blocked or websites.

Traffic data recorded for an overview of Internet use:
You can take an inventory of your children’s computer and find all pictures, movies, music files and web pages.

Recommend trusted websites:
Anti-Porn has recommended several websites that are suitable for children. You can also add any other.

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13 nightmares for programmers

hockey_maskFor the vast majority of people the things that cause them nightmares are pretty standard: ghosts, spiders, being chased by homicidal maniacs in masks of hockey, etc… But for others, their worst fears are born less conventional things.

Take, for example, software developers. If you ask a software developer which is your worst nightmare, probably have little to do with witches or black cats and more with the key of the semicolon that does not work or a Microsoft product. After analyzing various forums on the majorsources of concern for programmers, here we will describe are 13 nightmares for most common programmers.

1 I can solve my question using Internet

Stack Exchange style websites have become essential tools in the Toolbox of a software developer.Of course that there are many other forums for developers who resort to search help. Nothing freezes more blood to a programmer that fits the more remote possibility that this seemingly infinite source of knowledge for programmers can not answer your questions.


“Go to Stackoverflow and see the post of someone with your same question hung from a year ago and without answers.” Jorge Irun

“! See that an answer given by good in the Forum does not work!” Ramchand Rajasekaran

2. the most important buttons on the keyboard stop working

You don’t need to be very smart to realize that the keyboard is very important for a developer. But not all the keys are created – not valued by developers – in the same way. Some keys are used a lot more than others for some programming languages in particular, as the semi-colon in JavaScript, Perl and Objective-C. Keyboard shortcuts love developers and use a lot more keyboard than the mouse, to Save time and prevent injury. It is not surprising then that software developers will wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats dreaming that his favorite key on the keyboard has stopped working, or what is worse, is gone.


“My worst nightmare is when it stops working the semicolon key.” Ali Akbar

“Write lots of lines of code to discover that the control keys are no longer react…” Nikesh Shetty

3. internet is missing – or fall-

A type of minor nightmare is that the Forum of a tool is particularly fallen or in maintenance and a question can not be resolved, but very different is when across the network is falling and you can not access Internet point. Because after all, in addition to access to the forums, the network is like a large trunk full of many other useful things like snippets of code and open source software. Not to mention how difficult that would be access to remote servers or in the cloud, the programming team or your favorite service to make online music streaming if Internet is suddenly dropped… So if you really want to acongojar to a programmer, yell “! NO Internet!”. Be sure to keep a defibrillator handy.


“If Internet and Google disappear would return to an archaic period of isolation and darkness. We’d be stuck without knowing very well what to do if we ran into a bug.” Thoriq Firdaus

4. a critical bug that I am not able to reproduce

To fix a bug, a developer has to be before able to replicate conditions that caused it in a development or test environment. Then, if we are lucky, you can diagnose and fix the error before being deployed in a production environment. Many developers are afraid of bugs that only occur randomly and can not be replicated in a controlled environment. That damn bug becomes very critical day that makes you look bad in front of a very important client. This is a real nightmare for a programmer.


“… bugs that only make appearance in demos to many clients or important clients.” Jeremy Friesner

“A blue screen you can not replicate it in the company but that happens every month in the client’s home.” Joe Wezorek

5 lack of good – or any – documentation

Sit down and understand a code that already exists without the help of a good documentation or comments in the code is complicated. Doing so without documentation or comments in the code is even more become weary. This not only applies to code written by third parties who inherits a programmer, but also to the code that a same programmer has written in the past and who has not documented well. The undocumented code, no matter who has chopped it, it is always a nightmare.


“Do the maintenance of old software and not documented. Literally I have nightmares about that.”Sam Sartor

6 heads and directors of hell

Like anyone, developers or anyone, have nosy or incompetent superiors. Elderly, software developers feel special aversion by non-technical managers who put their noses in your code.Those directors who promise things that we can’t, that they underestimate the time required chopping the code for a project and technology decision-makers also appear recursively in the nightmares of programmers who stick cries in the middle of the dream.


“To my worst is a Manager”toothache pain”which is believed to be over-qualified and expects to meet the expectations of customers – any that are – ahead of time.” Those who believe that programming is a thing of minions and the code appears magically through the air.” Rachit Agrawal

7. clean and presentable code of others

To almost any programmer likes to have to work on the code of another; After all, the other timer code will never be as good as one, isn’t it? ;). Even a third well documented code can be a headache. It asks you to do a debugging, refactor, or modernize and adapt the code that another has probably chopped many moons ago already, will make the heart of any programmer to start pumping blood – and no – thanks to good things.

8. the change in the requirements of a project

Regardless of as occur in forms, to software developers like to have the application requirements which set clearly marked and which remain immovable. In practice, those requirements do vary on the fly, and sometimes justified form, and others for having bad managers of projects, and other complaints or interference from senior or clients themselves. Whatever the reason, the fear of changing requirements – especially in the last minute-always round for the soul of the developers.

9 code that disappears forever

No matter how many hours goal a developer in scheduling software, everything will be useless if the code goes away by surprise. The code may disappear unexpectedly for several reasons, ranging from forgetting to simply save a file up to divine force majeure or bugs malicious incomprehensible and unfortunate. That either the cause, and despite all the care and the care that goes down, programmers live always terrified thinking that all his efforts, all those hours of algorithms and functions can vanish without a trace.

10 internet Explorer

Programmers always feel aversion and stomach for some technologies. For example, Web developers fear having to schedule things that work in Internet Explorer. Despite remaining one of the most popular browsers, IE is merciless with web developers. And worse, the old versions, which were even more ruthless and had even more users, they need more support than the more modern and environmentally friendly versions. Let’s say that if Jason Vorhees Friday the 13th films had to frighten a group of web developers, his mask would be the IE logo.

11 injury or physical pain

The programming is not a physical job, but as in many other professions that require chopping data on a computer all day, it would be difficult to do so without arms, hands and fingers. Anything that negatively affects vision or general ability to think logically would be a problem. Naturally, therefore, a typical nightmare for software developers would be the inability to use or the total loss of one or more vital parts of the body – said the

12. my bug is injured, wound or kill someone

Any software developer wants to be the cause of a bug. But not all bugs are equally disastrous.Some are tedious but harmless. Others can be a cost to the company or the customer and you can even assume losing the job to the developer responsible for it. But the worst scenario in matters of bugs for a developer is given when the bug involves physical harm or death of someone…

13. segmentation faults

A very common nightmare among programmers is encountering a failure of segmentation. This error is caused by a memory access violation, that is, attempting to access restricted memory, or carry out a restricted action. Normally in these cases the unit of memory access notifies the operating system, which in turn notifies the offending process which mostly ends with the Hung program and in toothache to the developer who has to try to find the cause of the problem. Why those words, failure and segementacion, boards are a nightmare for a programmer.

Intelligent washing machines: more cleaning and less spending

Rincón de un planchador

Washing new best washed, spend less, and even eliminate the mites. Discover what you can do and everything that you are going to save and earn in health!

Apart from the label A +++


After the refrigerator, Santee carpet cleaning and TV set, washing machine is the appliance that consumes more energy, hence the importance of energy efficiency to achieve greater savings. Label A +++ indicates maximum efficiency, but within this classification there are washing machines that consume more than others (between 10 to 50% difference).


Good water management

The new washing machines incorporate systems of sensors that detect the exact load and the type of fabric to wash, in addition to the hardness of the water. With these data, manage the amount of water needed to not waste a single drop and, in addition, can even automatically choose the program suitable for optimal cleaning. A smart washing machine can spend up to 30% less water that a traditional.


Washing machines that speak

The new technologies also bet by the “self-diagnosis” of the incident. And there are some who goes above and beyond, as LG with its Smart diagnosis, a system that allows the washer report for service of its incidence just approaching our mobile to your screen, what us saves on calls and unnecessary visits by technicians. To enjoy this system you need to have modem connection at home.


Automatic dispenser

Often we spend more detergent which must and with it, more water. The new washing machines prevent this unnecessary with the automatic dosing. Tanks are filled with SOAP (something more than one liter) and fabric softener (half a litre), and the washer itself is which doses the product according to the degree of soiling, fabric type and load level.It is estimated that this system allows to save up to 7,000 litres of water per year and up to 33 wash cycles per year, compared to a manual.


Steam: a wash without wrinkles and odors

40% of Spaniards considered ironing the chore more annoying, hence seeking new washing machines facilitate it reducing wrinkles. How? With the steam function, which softens them by 50% and also prolongs the life of the tissues to wear them less. On the other hand, it also eliminates odors from clothes that don’t wash every day, saving us visits to the dry cleaners. The steam feature saves water (35% less) and electricity (20%) compared to a conventional wash.


Washing machines bi-thermal

They are teams with two water inlets: the normal cold water and one for hot water, connected to the boiler. This allows to save costs, since the water does not need to be heated in the resistance of your washer – the process that consumes more energy-but it comes out hot boiler. And the temperature is set with the thermostat. And another fact to consider: the resistances are vulnerable to lime and the time. Do not use them extends the life of the washing machine.


Maximum cleaning with cold water

Energy consuming washing machine, 80-85% is devoted to heat the water, therefore, the more cold, less consumption.With this premise, Samsung has developed the EcoBubble system: dissolves detergent with water and air so that it more rapidly penetrates tissues and washing better by reducing the temperature. With only 15 ° C it gets washed with the same results as a wash at 40 ° C.


With large capacity

Washing classics of 5 or 6 kilos, it passed to the current, with a capacity of up to 12 kg. The goal is optimize the washing and more savings. For a family of 4 members, for example, the washing machine ideal is 8 kg, which allows washing large amounts of clothes in a single cycle with optimum cleaning results. These washing machines reduces the number of washes and therefore consumption.


Much more silent

New washing machines incorporate systems of damping and reduction of vibrations in such a way that they are much quieter than a conventional washer. Panasonic, in particular, has the system Silent Arch, absorbing the sounds and movements of very effectively even in the maximum spin speed. New washing machines, in fact, can reduce noise by 80% over the current.


Wash from the mobile

With an application downloaded in a smartphone or tablet can, in a future not very far, control our washer from the mobile. Without being at home, will be able to select a program and start the washer by controlling the time remaining for that runs out. If there are any incidents, the washer sends a message to the mobile and advises on how solve it.


Clean clothes without detergent

There are also washing machines that use ions to wash.“Bombards” clothing with negative ions generated in a plate of silver, located in the washer, and the clothes get cleaned.This technology doesn’t need to use detergents, which is beneficial to the environment, our health and our pocket. And it is estimated that annual spending on detergent of a family with children round the € 200.


Healthy cleaning with the allergy system

Panasonic has created an allergy in their washing machines new program that manages to eliminate 99.99% of the allergens that may be in clothing, especially mites and pollen, causing respiratory and skin allergies. It does so with steam without affecting the tissues to the environment

How to Start a Cleaning Business Computer Equipment

Computers are one of those things that most people don’t realize the need for cleaning until it is something not working properly. In addition, the majority of computer users are not sure of what exactly is to be cleaned, even if they did open your computer and look inside. If you are familiar with computers and understand its components, could ignite a love of gadgets on a computer computer business cost-effective cleaning.

Cómo iniciar un negocio de limpieza Equipo informático

Computers are used most often in an office appliance and less frequently cleaned.

Things you will need

  1. Screwdriver set
  2. Compressed air cans
  3. The cotton swabs
  4. Rubbing alcohol
  5. Anti-static wipes clean and soft
  6. Portable vacuum
  7. Foam swabs
  8. Business cards
  9. Promotional materials
  10.  toronto mortgages


  1. Learn everything you can about the cleaning of the equipment before offering itsservices. Buy several good reference books on different types of computers, and look at maintenance of products for popular computer manuals.
  2. Collect or buy the equipment and tools you will need to clean computers. You will need a screwdriver set to open computers; in a can of compressed air; cotton swabs;alcohol; soft, preferable Microfiber clean cloth or antistatic cloth; portable vacuum cleaner; foam swabs (which are lint-free).
  3. Call other services of cleaning of equipment (in other cities, if you have that) and find out how much to charge for their work. Create a price list that can deliver to potentialcustomers, together with your marketing materials.
  4. Promote your business. If you work on your own or have partnered with anotherbusiness, you will have to do the business cards, brochures or flyers and place themaround your town. Build a web site, and that people know about your services. He writes articles about computer maintenance and post them on your blog or articlemarketing sites. Send a press release to local media focus on “Cleaning yourcomputer”. Not only can write an article or do a story about you and your business,but they could hire you to clean their computers.

Intelligent building of the indoor playground equipment compete in Autodesk Panorama 2012

Project of sustainable and intelligent building of two students of manufacturers of indoor playground equipment, Saltillo Campus, won their pass to the finals at the international competition ‘Autodesk Panorama 2012′. Both make up the only team of the American continent, reaching the final stage of the event being held in Singapore.

Priscila Martínez Jaime and Melisa Benavides Téllez, students of architecture of the Saltillo Campus, are in Singapore to participate in the final stage of the Autodesk Panorama 2012 international contest.

Priscila Martínez Jaime and Melisa Benavides Téllez, students of architecture (ARQ) of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Saltillo, are in Singapore to participate in the final stage of the Autodesk Panorama 2012 international contest.
After a call to worldwide, young women were chosen as only representatives of America after a selection by the jury that took into account innovation, the holistic approach, the feasibility of the design and the use of Autodesksoftware. And they were able to advance, along with other seven teams from Japan, Korea’s South, Thailand and Singapore.
In his project “S-1 Building (building S-1)” Melisa Martínez and Priscila Benavides, designed a sustainable and intelligent building for contemporary life adapted to a specified region, projecting the building S-1 as the first of its kind in Saltillo which would provide great comfort to users and inhabitants of the same, with commercial, residential area and offices in its structure , as well as an area of recreation in one place.

“The building is projected to represent the progress of the city of Saltillo in Mexico, combines the cultural conditions of the area without ceasing to be an icon of the future,” said Priscila Benavides.

For his part, Melisa commented that “in addition to covering an urban niche, our building combines Mexican architecture and the multiple options to be sustainable at present, with the use of passive and active energy”.

Recognition by reaching the finals, teams have the opportunity to attend a camp that takes place from 4 to 9 November in Singapore, where coexist with experts from design, architecture and manufacturing of various countries of the world.

Intelligent design

The site is of 18 thousand 888.81 m2 of land, of which about 43% is green area, corresponding to the area of recreation, indoor patio and roof. The main facade of the building is oriented to the North to take advantage of the natural resources.

Recreation area, is designed so that can create a healthy and friendly environment for users. The vegetation of the site enhances the design forms and at the same time establishes a relationship between the natural and built. What characterizes this area is the Botanical Garden, which in addition to improve the visual appearance of the place, gives the inhabitants of departments the opportunity to stock up on organic food, and actively participate in the care of the environment.

To maintain the vegetation, the building has its own wastewater treatment plant to supply the green areas, the water bodies and sources, to reduce the consumption of water in these tasks.

Natural light is the first resource that took into account, giving an important guideline for the design and shape of the building. Within the residential area of flown makes and louvers to prevent the direct incidence of the Sun’s rays and help the thermal environment. Furthermore, solar cells on the roof for the reduction of energy consumption in the residential area and the water heating are applied.

The building S-1 advantage to maximize natural ventilation thanks to the surface on the exterior walls of the façades North and South and the central courtyard inside, this creates a comfortable atmosphere generating a suitable temperature. The temperature inside can also be seen benefited thanks to the applied materials. Lightened slabs and double glazed windows, as well as the Novidesa system, which is a tough and durable material which together with their thermal properties, helps to reduce noise pollution were.

The green roof acts both to cool the housing area, as to limit the amount of heat reflected on the surface of the terrace, thus creating a healthy and private environment for tenants.

By combining design, materials, technologies and green spaces manages to have a sustainable building which, together with its benefits to the environment, improve the urban environment, generating public spaces, comfort and services in one place. Which leads to a reduced reliance on the car and create cultural and charitable activities for the saltillense society.

Autodesk Panorama 2012

The contest “Autodesk Panorama 2012″ was created by the software company Autodesk Inc. Design, with the aim of promoting the creativity of students from around the world so that they develop projects in the areas of manufacturing, architecture and animation using software from Autodesk, Inc.

The finalists will attend a training camp that takes place in Singapore from 5 to 9 November 2012. In this event, young people have the opportunity to train with world-class industry experts that will help them enhance their skills and knowledge.

During their stay in the Asian country the company delivery to sustainability, and sustainable design awards, as well as a recognition to equipment manufacturing and architecture whose design received the highest score in this criterion. The Prize consists of an economic reward, a certificate and a trophy. Among the 20 countries that take part in the 2012 Edition, three are from Latin America: Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.


Computer science and cinema: “to infinity and beyond”

By means of this study is to inform the relationship between computer science and cinema. As technology advances all the media they want to deploy their advances and cinema is not far behind, since using the computer you want to give the maximum of realism to their movies.

The film has developed many techniques throughout history but perhaps the best technique has been one of its movies in 3D, which transmit a realism to the Viewer, to the point that it seems to be in the movie.

Computer science has been one of the great advances in technology and a great help to the human being. Great film directors saw in this advance the way that the world sees the film as something great and full of fanciful things but at the same time with a touch of reality.

The generalization of the computer-related technologies changed cinema forever. The old special effects -based models and overlays went on to be developed using computers (see video: 100 years of special effects that are summarized in 5 minutes), today the film industry depends almost entirely of computer technology that makes think about a future without real but virtual actors. It must be borne in mind that 90% of the grossing movies in history has suffered some sort of computer retouching, either by software or hardware.

Using images generated by computer in movies, television and advertising, and print media.Video games use rather graphics made by computer in real time (rarely treated as other computer-generated images), but may also include «cut-scenes prewritten» and introductions of films that would be typical applications of computer-generated images, called in English full motion video (FMV).

In film and television, is used often the images generated by computer because they are, for certain situations, cheaper than the use of physical methods, such as the construction of complicated models for creating effects, or rental of long costumes for scenes of crowds of people, and also because they allow the obtaining of images that would not be feasible in any way. This may also allow an artist to produce the content of his film, Telefilm, or television show without the use of actors or other typical in this kind of project participants.


A stroll through history and films that have implemented new technologies.

In the year 1895 Georges Méliès, pioneer give her cinematography, I got on screen transformation of a bus in a hearse. He pioneered the use of trick of substitution of elements by the standing of the camera, and also was in the multiple exposure of the negative (double overprint) and the fades to black and black. His work was a trip to the Moon were born special effects in the film. In 1973, Richard Nixon was U.S. President, Alekséi Kosygin of the now defunct USSR, Microsoft and Apple had not yet been founded, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the creators of Google, were just a couple of babies. None of that prevented that year appeared thefirst production of Hollywood that used computer-generated imagery as a way to create special effects never seen until then. Name: (souls of Metal) Westworld.

Directed by Michael Crichton , and with actors as well known as Yul Brynner or James Brolin,this science fiction film was set in a future in which a company had set up a new generation amusement park in which they simulated three different historical epochs: ancient Rome, the middle ages and the wild American West.

To achieve a greater immersion of visitors, each one of these scenarios was inhabited by human aspect robots that were characterized with the costumes of the era to which belonged the area where were and interacting with people to make more credible the set.

Throughout the film, the production company used 2D computer-generated graphics to represent the point of view of the robot-pistolero interpreting Yul Brynner. To achieve this purpose, made use of raster images, better known today as bitmaps.

A curiosity to finish: the first film to use images in 3D was the sequel to Westworld, Futureworld (future world)title that. It premiered in 1976 and Edwin Catmull and Fred Parke, then still students of the University of Utah, made use of the computers of the time to digitally generate face and a hand of Peter Fonda and display them on the screen with a “realistic” look.

Another visionary, George Lucas, first used a computer to create these effects. It was the beginning of a process that will eventually scan Hollywood.

Studio pioneered the application of Informatics to the cinema is undoubtedly Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), property of Lucas, but it is not the only one. Studios like Digital Domain, Pacific Data Images (PDI) (now DreamWorks) or Pixar have in the gap for years, providing digital magic to Hollywood.

What are the reasons that drive the film industry to tip over with the latest technology?

The main reason must be sought in the lowering of costs of production. Conversely, the creative software companies specific to cinema, as Alias/Wavefront or Discreet (today Autodesk Media and Entertainment), get large dividends and, above all, prestige.

Step by step

The presentation of Star Wars in 1977 attended Lucas with real panic reaction of the audience.And it is that in this film movement of the ships was first controlled by a computer, which avoided the standing positions of spacecraft in science fiction films. The dividends generated by the film served ILM to continue exploring techniques. Based on the technique stop-motion (moving a puppet and filming, move it and filming again) used in Japanese films as Godzilla, ILM got theGo-Motiontechnique, in which puppet movements were programmed and controlled by computer and they could plan as prepared the following sequences.

This technique, in the year 1981, has been used abundantly in the 80’s classic as et. or Return of the Jedi. A step forward which, however, was short, because still not had designed the technology to get images generated by computer (CGI) on screen. Lucas again managed to break the tradition of effects of the last century creating new images that had no why come from reality. The miracle took place in Star Trek II: the wrath of Khan, that a desert planet was transformed into a garden in a matter of seconds.

The technique of ILM enabled remarkable advances in the composition of scenes. Without going any further, the integration of a character or digital image in a particular scene (the plane circulating at low altitude in the city on lies risky).

Through the digital elimination of unwanted in the frame elements and subsequent relevant colour and lighting settings could be that the retina of the viewer was not able to capture the changes.The evolution of the technique resulted in the morphing, which was used for the first time in 1989 in Abyss by James Cameron.

The first two films in which intervineron images generated by computer significantly, Tron (1982) and the Last Starfighter (1984), were commercial failures, which led to a majority of the directors to relegate this kind of images to images that hiceran think of having been created by computer, even if they were not in reality.

The first character truly created in computer-generated imagery was created by Pixar for the filmthe adventures of the young Sherlock Holmes in 1985 (not counting simple polyhedral character of Tron answered in binary: Yes and no). This consisted of the representation of a gentleman in a stained glass window, whose glasses out of the window, making Knight represented therein it charged its own life and walk on only. These ‘photorealistic’ computer-generated images (English photorealistic, i.e. synthetic image of actual appearance) does not persuadiría to the film industry until 1989, when The Abyss (the abyss) won the prize of the Academy of Hollywood in the Visual effects category. For this film, Industrial Light and Magic produced visual effects of photorealistic computer-generated images. The most notable were those of a creature of water that mimicked the face of the protagonist, this scene is among the most remembered film.

From The Abyss the computer-generated images acquired a central role in films like Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), when the evil Terminator T-1000 was surprising the audience by its composition of liquid metal, with morphological transformations integrated action sequences throughout the film. Terminator 2: Judgement Day also deserved you to ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) an Oscar for its special effects.

In 1993 Jurassic Park would change radically the perception of the industry, since the dinosaurs of the movie seemed so real and the film so impeccably integrating both images generated by computer as real sequences, which revolutionized the film industry. This film marks the transition of the Hollywood of animation from frame to frame (Stop-Motion) and optical effects conventional movements, to digital techniques. After observing the use of CGI effects (example of effects) on the main scenes of the film, before seen impossible and too expensive, some directors and filmmakers began to take an interest in them for use in future projects; Stanley Kubrick hiredSpielberg to direct Artificial Intelligence, George Lucas began the realization of the trilogy of prequel Starwars, and Peter Jackson began to explore his childhood passion for the fantastic films, tilt that would lead him to The Lord of the rings and King Kong .

Not only were people who inspired the film, because as a result of its release were released numerous documentary based on the context of dinosaurs, such as Godzilla, Carnosaur andWalking with Dinosaurs. In popular culture, there were also several parodies. Likewise, Stan Winston began collaborating with IBM and director James Cameron to create the Digital Domain’sVisual effects company, and mentioned in this regard: «If not I had related to the film, currently would go on to become a dinosaur».

In 1994 created in Canada, the first entirely by so-called computer animated series Reboot, this being the first commercial work 100% computer.

Computer generated two-dimensional (2D) images appear increasingly in traditionally animated films, complementing the pictures (frames in English) illustrated by hand. Its uses ranged from «digital interpolation between frames» movement, to striking in three dimensions (3D) pseudoefectos as the Ballroom in The beautiful scene and the beast of the Walt Disneycompany.

Toy Story (of Pixar) and Cassiopeia (of NDR Filmes) were the first fully computer-generated films, released in 1995 and 1996 respectively. Other digital animation studios such as Blue Sky Studios (of the Twenty Century Fox) and Pacific Data Images (of Dreamworks SKG) engaged in the production of computer-generated images, and existing animation companies such as the Walt Disney Company began a transition from traditional animation to the animation using computer-generated images.

Between 1995 and 2005 the average effects for a movie budget rose considerably from 5 to 40 million dollars. According to an Executive of one of the film studios, since 2005, more than half of films have significant effects.

At the beginning of the years 2000, the computer-generated images dominate the field of special effects. Technology progresses to the point that it was possible to digitally replace the actors by virtual actors, indistinguishable at a glance of the actors who replaced. The computer-generated extras also began to be used widely in scenes of crowds.

The images generated by computer for films in general have a resolution of about 1.4-6 megapixel (MPx). Toy Story, for example, had a format of 1536 * 922 (1. 42MPx). The time to generate a picture is about two or three hours, requiring ten times longer for more complex scenes.

This time has not changed much since then, while the image quality if has made considerable progress. At the same time with the improvement of the computer equipment and faster machines, the complexity of the graphics has been increased. The exponential increase of the processing capabilities of central processing units, as well as massive increases in the capacity of parallel processing, storage and speed of memory and size, have increased enormously the potential and complexity of computer-generated images.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) was the first attempt to create a realistic film using only images generated by computer, without actors. The film was produced by Square Pictures and showed very detailed realistic photo-quality graphics. The film was a failure at the box office, which eventually led to the closure of Square Pictures after having produced a last film of similar visual style, Final Flight of the Osiris, a short film that served as a prologue to the film The Matrix Reloaded


Data processing and animated film

Animation is the technique that gives the sensation of movement to pictures, drawings, figures, cuts, objects, people, computer images or anything else that creativity can imagine, photographing or using tiny changes of position so that, by the phenomenon of persistence of vision, the human eye to capture the process as a real movement.

In the case of the computer, handle pass trick is taken to the extreme: the elementary Unit handled, pixel, is much smaller than the frame, the result is that the organizer has full control both space – filmed – as of the time object – the moving images. In the future, the lower costs enable application widely in scientific research, the generation of graphics and resources for education, in simulations of all types, and fields in which, as usual, the applications are still coming.

It can be considered the contribution of technology in two fields: as a creation tool and as ameans of representation.

For drawn or hand-painted animations, there are programs that assist the creation of intermediate pictures. It should be remembered that a lot of these is needed to give the sensation of movement. In animations made with vector graphics and three-dimensional models the same program calculated (interpolated) transformation from one pose to another.

Various file formats allow to represent animation on a computer, and via the Internet. Among the best known are SWF, GIF, MNG , and SVG. The file may contain a sequence of pictures as raster graphics (or the difference between a picture and the previous), or may contain the definition of strokes and their deformations over time, in a vector format. There are specific file formats for animations, and also used generic formats that can contain different types of multimedia.

N. Konstantinov and a group of mathematicians used the technique of stop-motion to generateKitty, this animated film, created in Russia, with a cat as a protagonist who is probably one of the first in history in which participated a computer. It is not clear if the exact date on which was recorded is 1967 or 1968, but it seems clear that at the time no one thought unwieldy computers of the era such as machines for «filmmaking». The team designed the mathematical model of the movement of the cat, model that was then implemented in a computer BESM-4. Given the circumstance that this computer did not have graphical display, so the generated animation was printed on sheets of paper, one sheet per frame, using characters to mount the images.

Peter Foldes (Budapest, 1924-1977) spent much of his life to painting, but encouraged by John Halas (founder of the study Halas & Batchelor in London, producer of animation for adults) began working in animated film. Most of his works are painted or designed by hand. After his first two films, he decides to return to painting and moved to Paris. In the mid-1960s returned to the cinema, gaining reputation for being international one of the first to work with animation via computer.

“Hunger” or “La Faim” (11 minutes) is a lively piece via computer in 2D, it consists of drawings and metamorphosis generated via computer. The film won the jury prize at Cannes in 1974, and was also nominated for the Oscars.

The history of the cinema of animation is equal or more important that since mainstream in the field of computer science film which is in this field where there were always the first technical foranimating the inanimate steps being able to get in our days to join the two genera cineasticos thanks to the computer as he was progressing technically both in the hardware and software.

Toy Story is an animated film produced by Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures computer. It premiered in the United States on November 22, 1995. As reflected above, it was the first fully animated computer feature and the first major project of Pixar in the cinema. The first animated movie made entirely by the computer world. The characters, their gestures and their movements are as natural as in the best cartoon film.

The characters and environments are equipped with surprising depth and a three-dimensional effect. The story is imaginative, it has lots of humor and action, together with the technical effects makes that the film want to a broad spectrum of public. The protagonists are a few toys that come to life when nobody watch them.

Toy Story caused a great impact on the film industry with its innovative animation computer. After the premiere of the film, several industries were interested in the technology used in the film; for example, graphics chip makers set out to transform the computer graphics images similar to the animations present in the film. Also, some video game developers expressed interest in virtual from this technique of animation game design, while, on the other hand, Robotics researchers deepened in the use of the same for the creation of new forms of artificial intelligence for their machines. Also several authors compared the film to an interpretation of Don Quixote, linking it with humanism. Additionally, Toy Story left a legacy with the famous phrase “to infinity… and beyond!” (pronounced by Buzz Lightgear on tape), leading to the production of sequels andsoftware, among other products. Paradoxically, it seems that that is the motto of the union of cinema and computer science with a more spectacular future where the end is not so but is always a new beginning and a more dependent on union between the two.


The soul of Pixar Studios is John Lasseter, see the documentary: the story of Pixar (90 minutes). He began working as an animator for Disney. His was the first digital movie that chose to oscar and his first feature film which won the newly created category of best animation length: Toy Story (John Lasseter-Andrew Stanton, 1995). His secret has been to combine technological innovation, techniques of filming beyond animated film and great scripts, with an irresistible humor and a dash of irreverence.


Filmography. ( visit to Watch movies online)

  • The Tod and Toby (1981) (Inbetweener) (uncredited)
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983) (creative talent) Mickey completo Christmas Carol(1983) (creative talent)
  • The Adventures of André and Wally B. (1984) (character design and animation, models: Andre/Wally) the adventures of André and Wally B. (1984) (design of characters and animations, models: Andre / Wally)
  • Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) (computer animation: ILM) Young Sherlock Holmes(1985) (computer animation: ILM)
  • Luxo Jr. (1986) (writer, director, producer, models, animation) Luxo Jr. (1986) (screenwriter, director, producer, models, animations)
  • The Brave Little Toaster (1987) (storyboards) La tostadora valiente (1987) (storyboards)
  • Reds Dream (1987) (writer, director, animator) Reds Dream (1987) (guionista, director, animador)
  • Tin Toy (198 8) (story, director, animator, modeler) Tin Toy (198 8) (historia, director, animador, modelador)
  • Knick Knack (1989) (writer, director) Knick Knack (1989) (guionista, director)
  • Porco Rosso (1992) (executive creative consultant) Porco Rosso (1992) (consultor creativo ejecutivo)
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  • Geri’s Game (1997) (executive producer) Geri’s Game (1997) (productor ejecutivo)
  • A Bugs Life (19 8) (story, director, additional voices) A Bugs Life (19 8) (historia, director, voces adicionales)
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  • Cars Toons (2008-present) (director) Cars Toons (2008-present) (director)
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  • Partly Cloudy (2009) (executive producer) partly cloudy (2009) (Executive producer)
  • Up (2009) (executive producer) up (2009) (Executive producer)
  • Ponyo (2009) (executive producer: English version) Ponyo on the cliff (2009) (Executive Producer: English Version)
  • Hlake completo Guest (2009) (executive producer) Hlake completo Guest (2009) (Executive producer)
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009) (executive producer) Tinker Bell and the lost treasure (2009) (Executive producer)
  • Dug’s Special Mission (2009) (executive producer) Dug special mission (2009) (Executive producer)
  • The Princess and the Frog (2009) (executive producer) the Princess and the frog (2009) (Executive producer)
  • Prep & Landing (2009) (executive producer) preparation and landing (2009) (Executive producer)
  • Day & Night (executive producer) Day and night (Executive producer)
  • Toy Story 3 (2010) (story, executive producer) Toy Story 3 (2010) (story, executive producer)
  • Tangled (2010) (executive producer) tangled (2010) (Executive producer)
  • Cars 2 (2011) (co-director, executive producer) Cars 2 (2011) (co-director, executive producer)
  • Winnie the Pooh (executive producer) Winnie the Pooh (Executive producer)
  • Brave (2012) (executive producer) brave (2012) (Executive producer)

Technological tools. Tour through the different techniques.
The digital water tentacle (‘Abyss’, the classicism of James Cameron) changing shape at will was achieved with a Macintosh and expanded creative possibilities to infinity. ILM took some time convert the graphics generated by computer in a viable alternative, despite everything. They were two years in which improved their systems to be able to download the film in a computer capable of working on scenes that needed graphic effects and return the images already modified to studies.

This system requires work with huge amounts of memory, and in practice resulted in the use of workstations that were capable of storing the enormous volume of information generated. So you could create amazing effects for Terminator 2 (1991), a milestone that put fashion using specific software to generate, modify, or edit images. On this occasion, the T1000 transformations in liquid metal were the popular Adobe Photoshop.

The age of the dinosaurs

All these advances reached its peak with the first installment of Jurassic Park, in Steven Spielberg.

For its elaboration, ILM used a network of 75 workstations from Silicon Graphics. Responsible for the effects system incorporated over 100 MIPS microprocessors and an Ethernet network.Memory and storage required for this blockbuster were 5,000 MB of RAM and 250 gigabytes of disk capacity. Spielberg used the Parrallax (now merged with Avid) and SoftImage software to generate each scene of the film that appeared a digital dinosaur walking or running. In total, the scenes involving prehistoric animals cost just over one million euros.

The success of Jurassic Park caused that in 1995 half of the films produced in Hollywood had in one way or another with computer-generated effects. Moreover, it was from this time when he began to use technology not only in the service of the show.

The possibility to generate any type of image and integrate it into a new environment gives rise to endless possibilities, since getting the dead walk (Crow) and greet the players (remembered handshake from President Kennedy to Forrest Gump) to the reproduction of natural disasters, as in the perfect storm. A paradigmatic example is Titanic (1998), the production of James Cameron in which up to the Ocean was created digitally.

One of the most celebrated effects, fall of the passengers of the boat to the sea at the time of the wreck, was achieved by the Spanish Rowing Balcels, who used this software Elastic Reality.

The last production of reference as to the application of technology to the film comes not fromILM. In the Matrix, which swept the Phantom menace at the ceremony of the Oscars in 1999, theWachowski brothers resorted to an array of effects generated by computer companies likeAmalgamated Pixels, Animal Logic, Bullet Time, DFILM Services, Makeup Effects Group Studio, Manex Visual Effects (MVFX) and Mass Illusions. In this revolutionary film will defy the laws of physics to consciousness, to slow down the movement of the characters and even stop them in the air, thanks to the technique called Bullet Time. Production contains more than 200 digital special effects, most planes in the footage.

Actors of fiction: progress of virtual reality
The great unknown in the film studios is if will be creating characters photorealistic replacing the actors themselves. The first step in this regard is Final Fantasy (2001). Its producer, Jun Aida, says that to design software that retreat the pores of the skin, the facial expressions of the characters, and even 60,000 hairs of the protagonist, Aki, have needed between 14 and 18 months, courtesy of Square Software.

Today the future improvements are unpredictable. Attack of the clones (Star Wars II), shot entirely with digital video, or the two Matrix sequels, already rolled, surely marked the tendency to follow.There is something true, as said Jean Marc Sauvetre, responsible for sales of advanced systems of Discreet for Spain and Portugal, “today there is no feature films which not used in any of its phases, for the retouching of images, for mounting or for the creation of effects, the computer. “It is the element inclusive of the tools available and working philosophy that film directors used in increasingly more post-production processes.”

In search of overcoming

Used in a film production equipment and solutions are often obsolete soon, since the industry is in constant motion. To get an idea of the State of the art to this day, nothing better than to look at the films nominated for an Oscar for best special effects once.

If there is a name that is repeated in all the productions is Discreet, a division of Autodeskspecializes in modeling and 3D animation and Visual effects creation. According to Sauvetre, for seven consecutive years, films that have been used in the creation of their Visual effects Discreet programs have occupied (with a 95%) nominations for an Oscar.

Industrial Light & Magic, responsible for the effects of Artificial Intelligence and Pearl Harbor, used solutions Inferno (is an operating system for the creation and support of distributed systems. The name of the operating system and related programs as well as the name of the company Vita Nuova, which is who produces them, were inspired by the literary works of Dante Alighieri, especially of the Divine Comedy. Inferno runs natively on different hardware architectures or hosted under various different operating mode. In each configuration, the operating system presents the same interfaces to your applications.) and Flame of the company, (flame ) that allow you to manipulate high-resolution images and HD Movies almost in real time. In the first case, there is a sequence where the child robot tries to eat a dish of spinach. Shading and transparency of Inferno tools were used to compose the deformation of the face and their subsequent repair.

Pearl Harbor, ILM was more than 200 Visual effects, which included panoramic of Pearl Harbor, with multiple layers of composition that they incorporated created by computer graphics. Discreet tools were used to try several options of membership on each effect, analyze the result together and separately and perform the necessary variations in a short space of time.

But there are more tools. If it dissects the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the ring, winning is easy to get an idea of the favorite by the producers of cinema in his films. Peter Jackson movie brings together the effects of companies like WETA, rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain, Animal Logic, Oktobor and GMD. Weta Digital, company created by Peter Jackson based in Wellington (New Zealand) was responsible for adding Visual effects. Most of the environmental shots of the trilogy has some kind of digital manipulation. The cave troll that appears in Moria was the first creature who sculpted the designer Richard Taylor and the first to be scanned for your digital creation. After building their skeleton and muscles by computer, Weta Digital designers incorporated the skin scanned and made an animation test with several movements of the troll and a ball in order to show the results to New Line. To plan the scene where the troll attacks to the company of the ring in the tomb of Balin, designers built an exact copy of the dish where it was going to shoot digitally and incorporated him to the nine characters and the troll, all of themcapturedmovements. Using this same technique, designers incorporated a few electrodes to a trunk so you pretend a camera and Peter Jackson, using virtual reality goggles to see the digital dish that had been carried out by computer, filmed the scene that would serve you guide to filming as if the troll is a real dish.

For most scenarios and characters digital 3D animation has been chosen the Alias/Wavefront Maya tool, used in productions such as the phantom menace, the Mummy or Wild, Wild West.Steven Regelous, the software Massive one of Weta workers, designed to facilitate the realization by display of the large military hosts that appear in the prologue of The Fellowship of the ring;capable of creating thousands of individuals by computer, the software gives them also anartificial intelligence that allows you to add individual behaviours and to provide movement. With regard to image composition tool, it has cast hand Shake, Nothing Real, already known solution by having been used in Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone, Pearl Harbor or Gladiator.A production of this size requires in addition to a good solution for rendering, as Pixar RenderMan, used in films like Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 or Abyss, is a rendering engine of images. Rendering is the step of 3D-wireframe models to images that may or may not be photo-realistic, depending on the needs and parameters passed him. The rendering engine calculates the lights, textures, and other variables and “build” a consistent image.

The need for high-capacity servers.
On the other hand, to store the enormous amount of information generated digitally and achieve the maximum speed in the process of creation and rendering of images generated by computer are necessary workstations and servers of large capacity. In the Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the ring, for example, to hold and process the 1,200 Visual effects shots have been used the Visual workstations Silicon Graphics Octane and Silicon Graphics Onyx2IRIXoperating system, has a particular support for 3D graphics, video and high bandwidth data transfer. It was one of the first versions of Unix have a graphic user interface (GUI) for the main desktop and is currently widely used, due to its extremely high quality in 3D graphics, in the industry of animation by computer and for scientific visualization, the SGI family Origin and the Visual workstations and servers with SGI operating system Linux for the creation and management of up to 100 terabytes of data.

Working with this type of servers and workstations not only simplifies the work, but it saves time.The animated Ice Age, designed by Blue Sky Studios, film uses 512 servers AlphaServer DS10Lof Compaq, configured in 13 farms and managed with Compaq Tru64 UNIX. Compaq computer technology is similar to that used in the human genome research and simulation of atomic tests

According to Isidro Cano, business manager of the unit’s high-end servers from Compaq Spain,“bearing in mind that each frame of the film had a time of creation with a normal computer of latest generation of 4 hours, and that a 90-minute film had 130,000 frames, it would take 60 years to make it. “In the case of Ice Age became employed 512 Alpha servers working in parallel to reduce that time to less than 1 year.”

The virtual actors


The application of the most powerful software and hardware to the film industry has resulted in the creation of entirely computer-generated animated films. And it is not to take it to joke.

That appeared to date titles are little gems of cinema that have earned, in addition, the critical acclaim and the favour of the public. The company of entertainment par excellence is Pixar Animation Studios, which in partnership with Disney and 10 Star film productions under his belt, has been established as the most impressive consistently Animation Studio. It is not surprising that their best films list is a difficult task to accomplish, since every launch is a success. Is responsible for titles such as Toy Story 1 and 2, bugs or Monsters Inc., ‘Up’ (2009)) ‘WALL-E’ (2008) ‘Finding Nemo’ – Finding Nemo (2003) etc.

From the moment of appearance of Toy Story (1995), the first animated feature aimed at the general public computer, Pixar has been responsible for numerous milestones in the implementation of graphics solutions to the movies “shot” with computer.

The company Pixar works for it with proprietary software, and three of its solutions have been consolidated as reference in the sector: Marionette, animation software for modelling and graduate lighting; Ringmaster, production manager to coordinate and monitor a project animated by computer; and Renderman, software rendering for the synthesis of photorealistic images of high quality that Pixar uses internally and also sold to third parties.

The other great heavyweight is Dreamworks, company responsible for titles such as Antz , andShreck. The latter is not only animated film that won an Oscar in the 2001 Edition. The production will go down in history for being the first programmed entirely in Linux. In his rendering were used over a thousand computers that supported Red Hat Linux on a server farm.

The attempt is unprecedented. In fact, two years ago appeared as a priority plan for Dreamworks migrate completely to Linux. The producer is not alone in this effort. Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic, the other two giants in the world of special effects, also use Linux in their productions and create specific developments for the operating system.

Linux fever has spread to the manufacturers of solutions as SideFX Software or Alias-Wavefront. The software used by the movie industry that have been adapted to Linux includeNothing Real Shake, Silicon Grail Rayz or Avid XSI.


It does not have a film too prone to spectacular productions industry. Accordingly participation unspeakability of a tradition of films in which it has been necessary computer, in any of their ways.

Still, there are elements to be optimistic. In this sense, one of the most important projects was the animated forest, first animated feature made entirely in 3D in our country.

The production of Dygra, which even reached impact outside of our borders, he has had softwareRealFlow, of the Spanish company NextLimit for, among other things, exactly reproduce the water particles that make up the course of rivers or analyze the movements of the wind digitally animating the leaves of the trees.

To breathe life to the characters that populate this magical forest has been used software that manages to give an organic finish designs purely digital, using a mesh control that cleanses the appearance of the characters. This process, in which you could use between 150,000 and 3,000,000 of polygons, ended with the contribution of texture to the characters, including color, brightness, roughness of the face, etc.

Apart from the world of animation, they appear little by little in our country productions that rest part of the footage on computer-generated effects. It is the case of Buñuel y la mesa del Rey Salomón, Carlos Saura, in which it was used about 50 minutes of digital effects by the company of Filmtel Barcelona, which has used this technology Kodak Cineon. Its digital postproduction work has allowed spectacular scenes such as that of the child raising the sea as if it were a sheet.

Heroes of the pixel

Hollywood has not only benefited the best software and hardware as possible in their recent productions. Creative crisis, studies tend to adopt similar approaches to the gamers in films like Tron or Rollerball, or directly adapted the most popular titles.

This latest trend began in 1995, with the adaptation of the ultra-violent fighting Mortal Kombatgame. Its success gave rise to a flood of titles that seek to attract the younger crowd, which packed theaters in the U.S.

However, the quality of these productions (Mario Brothers, Street Fighter or Double Dragon)was quite mediocre. And is that these films must accommodate two types of public: fans of the adapted game in question and those who do not know, which should simplify the plot. Neither just happy with the results.

Now returns the fever of the adaptations, following the good results of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, that obtained a revenue of 148 million euros. The latter has been Resident Evil, that with the claim of mile Jollovich, seeks to move to the big screen success having grim saga between PC and console players.


E.T. 20 years later

Renew or die. Classics like Star Wars or E.T. are succumbing to the charms of new technologies.The latter is a sexy case of transition between old and new forms.

When Spielberg presented E.T. at the Cannes film festival in 1982 film won the favor of the public, in addition to charm by revolutionary for the time, made special effects by means of miniatures, models and more mechanical than technological procedures.

The King Midas de Hollywood has invested about four and a half million euros in Carlo Rambaldi puppets. Twenty years later, Spielberg gives us a new version of E.T. Most of the technological developments have concentrated on the own alien, because their movements were too rough for today’s youth audience.

One of the sequences that was removed from the original installation, which showed E.T. in the bathtub, has failed to finally be creating a fully digital alien, in a meticulous work that takes care of the detail texture and lighting.

In another moment of the film, when the disguised alien shouts in the presence of the girl played by Drew Barrymore, it has replaced is head of the mechanical puppet on the other generated digitally, while maintaining the original hat. Even the lips of the alien has been generated digitally in some scenes.

Fever by political correctness in the United States has also affected the new cyber army, to replace the guns of the police officers who chase the boys for harmless walkie-talkies.

The world in your hands

If you are of those who feel I amazement and envy by the effects generated in films such as the community of the ring or Shreck, are in luck. Some of the most important companies manufacturing creation of content and 3D animation software have made more affordable products for the general public.

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone or Titanic are some of the films that have used animation software from Alias/Wavefront, which has decided to lower their prices so that home users can become new generation filmmakers for very low price. The company has a free version on its website of its 3D, Mayagraphics software for home users.

Alias/Wavefront has also drastically reduced the prices of its versions for the professional public.Maya Complete (2,265 euros) and Maya Unlimited (about 8,000 euros) are now more affordable, 8,500 to 18,000 euros respectively. Maya Complete lets users build, animate and add voices to the characters in 3D and create objects and three-dimensional environments for games and movies. For his part, Maya Unlimited has functions to reproduce realistic clothing and skin.

Other manufacturers in the industry have encouraged to develop new talent at a low cost.SoftImage has a free version of its software XS/2.0, which is available on its website. For his part, NewTek recently reduced the price of its solution of 3D, LightWave, 1,800 euros.

A technology review

In terms of the important technological elements for the realization of digital effects, we can distinguish between two large groups, hardware and software:

Hardware: This highlights the scanner, workstation and the cash register. The scanner is essential in digital effects, since with it we digitalize images; This allows us to enter into the computer the information that was in the movie to your computer for further treatment. Other important hardware item is the workstation. They are specialized in the treatment of images.Peripherals, are part of this team also, since digitization in film resolution require a large storage capacity. It is also the cash register, whose operation is the inverse of the scanner, converts images scanned frames of a movie.

Software: in this highlight software 3D, digital compositingprograms, chromakeyers (infomercials), graphic palettes (photo editing software). It consists of animation packages that consist of one or several modules with which you can model, encourage and give real appearance to an object. The most important softwares are wavefront, alias, softimage, etc. With the composers we can mix images in a digital manner without loss of image. Other software are important them chromium (Chromakeyers), his technique tries to make an overlay from one image inside another; We need an image in black and white, which is called mask (alpha channel), the figure. In this way, we have three images: background, figure (RGB) and the mask corresponding to the figure (Alpha). This mask will be white in the part of the image of the figure that we want to keep in the final, and black image in the part that we want that is maintained the Fund. To achieve this, we must shoot the figure against a backdrop of flat color, which is usually green or blue. Clean them allow us to generate masks of the images shot on a flat color, for use by digital compositingprograms. The graphic pallets we can retouch scanned images; they are used to enhance funds, remove parts of images that do not interest us, for generation of textures, etc.

3D animation packages modules are:


Modeler: to work the geometry.

Animator: to give movement to the objects.

Materials and lighting: give the appearance and texture of objects.

Render: calculation of the images.

Examples in computer animation 3D

The technology has been part of the tools that the animators have used. The animators at theDisney revolutionized the industry with many innovations such as the use of sound in animated shorts, and the multiplane camera I think the perspective effect of funds depending on the point from where they would be. The roots of the computer animation began with the pioneers at the beginning of the 1960s who worked at the American Institutes of research, usually with funding from the Government. These as early films were scientific simulations with titles such as “The viscous fluid flow” or “The propagation of waves of shock in solid form”. It was at the University of Utah, where is I think one of the first artistic sequences with 3D animation, where Ed Catmull showed his hand opening and closing. This University was the source of major advancements in 3D computer graphics, such as hidden surface algorithm, allowing a computer to conceptualize the objects in three dimensions.

In the 1970s, the film “WestWorld” was the first film that used graphics 2D computer-generated.Many films in the late 1970s and early 1980s began to use CG or computer graphics technology to create primitive effects that were designed to look like they were designed by computer. We can find a clear example of this in the movie “Tron”, which was ideal for show the achievement of the special effects of the time.

Made many more movies showing what could this technology, but went with “Jurassic Park” where joined and showed for the first time and in a manner very convincing and real, characters generated by computer in an action movie. The film “Toy Story” was the first full cartoon film made entirely by computer-generated 3D animation.

Increased sophistication and realism of 3D animation can be directly explained by an exponential growth in the power of computerized processes. Today, a current desktop , works five thousand times faster than those teams pioneers that were used in the 1960s. In addition, the cost of the basic technology to create computer animation has dropped considerably in recent years. In the next part of the article, we’ll see how the computer-generated objects are created.

Virtual objects computer-generated


To create computer-generated virtual objects, you will need a software modeling, such as Maya or Blender. These programs come loaded with a large number of shapes in 3 dimensions, which are the building blocks of more complex objects. For example, you can model a car connecting cubes, cylinders, pyramids, and spheres of varying shapes and sizes. As 3D objects, are modeled in three axes (X, and y Z), and can be objects and views from any angle. When you start to model an object, it does not have any color surface or texture. What you see on your screen is the skeleton of the object – the lines of cubes, blocks and individual spheres that have been used to build it. This is called a “wireframe“. Each form that is composed of a wireframe lines is called “polygon“. For example, a pyramid is made of four polygons in the form of triangle.

In practice, there are several ways of to create a wireframe of an object model. If you don’t want to confine to build objects with forms already prepared as blocks and cylinders, you can use a freer technique called modeling “spline”. This allows objects to have more curved and soft lines.Another method is to sculpt an object in clay or other similar material, and using a 3D scanner to create a wireframe of the object in the modeling software copies.

Once you have your wireframe – by any of the methods of modeling that you have chosen – you can shade its surface to see how it would seem like a 3-dimensional object. But to make it seem more real object, you must add color and texture to the surface. This is done in something called the materials editor. Here you can play with an endless color palette, or create your own by adjusting the values of red, green and blue. Some very common surface textures are grainy wood, rock, metal, and glass, which often come with the modeling software , and can be easily applied to surfaces. You can also create image files in programs such as photoshop, and wrap around the object image.

Give brightness and luminosity is perhaps the most important component to an object give depth and realism. Modeling programs allow to illuminate objects from any conceivable angle and adjust as the surface of your object reflects or absorbs light. There are three basic values that dictate how a surface responds to light:

Environment – the color of the surface of an object that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Broadcasting – the color of the surface that is directly facing the light source.

The value that controls the reflection or the surface gloss.

Modeling programs are especially helpful to create realistic 3D objects, because they contain mathematical algorithms that replicate the real world. For example, when you light up a sphere from a certain angle, the surface reflects light in the right direction and the shadow is placed at the precise angle. These details can be deceiving the mind into thinking that the object in a two-dimensional screen, actually has depth and texture. Then we’ll see how the animators use computers to create vast digital landscapes almost real.

Notes on Avatar (a challenge)

Specialists from other countries have applauded its narrative values bypassing their technical part and its development as a visual spectacle. He has qualified its plot, its screenplay or its history with glowing terms, referring to a historical continuity with other works of Western art, twinning it with great creators in the history of the Classic film, and its predecessors, as the screenwriterFernando Regueira expressed on film. [83] connections to Christian concepts, have established the mystical tradition of primitive peoples, explained in the work of Mircea Eliade:

«The ambitious and long-awaited new film by Titanic director returns to show the genius of an author who throughout her career still has not taken a single step to false. A storyfantasy and epic that creates a world, archaic and mythical through which is regarded and critically analyzes the modern Western civilization .»

Sebastian Núñez (read film)

On the other hand, other sectors specializing in independent film criticized a perceived lack of imagination in the indent, with a plot already widely used in Hollywood cinema in particular, inevitably compared to other productions such as Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas

In this sense, Cameron not shown for nothing evasive about these influences in the film, indeed, itself indicates and confirms above all references to Kevin Costnerproduction[31] and The Emerald Forest,[32] not so much as to Pocahontas maybe by the fact of being conceived in 1995, one year after starting the vagary of Avatar.

Anyway, Cameron also has hidden intentions clear, a spectacular Ribbon of a visual epic unparalleled in cinema today.

«I saw the tape of George Lucas not had never seen in my life. I want to give to the public is a similar experience».

James Cameron, interview with Luis Martínez to The world

As the title of this study suggests: “to infinity and beyond”, we find ourselves, and everything indicates that it is, only at the beginning of a few techniques that will open a world full of wonders and goals that not long ago seemed impossible and all thanks to the computer. As it could not be otherwise, this work has been collected via the internet, of a multitude of sites that appear if you cliclea on the links highlighted by what I thank all them.

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